November 9, 2023-Lake Degray for the Weekend

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Anderson was the first one to leave this morning for his classes, and not too much after that Reagan and Graham left for their classes. While they were gone, we did our daily reading. On Thursdays I just read science, history, and all of our library books. Since we change it up a little bit, Thursday reading is my favorite. 

Everyone seemed to zoom through their school work today. Well, to me it seemed like they were moving quickly, but it was still near noon when they did finish. Whitman and I just did a little bit of his spelling instead of the whole thing.

I wanted to make sure that he had time to eat because around 1, Robby, Bentley, Whitman, Campbell, and Keaton headed to Degray Lake State Park. Campbell said that Bentley was quick to go the bathroom, and then she pulled Campbell towards the camper. I guess she knew where she was going. However, Robby said that once they arrived, she was anxious to get out-I guess she thought that she was at Disney.

It pretty much rained on Robby and the others all day long. They stayed busy in the camper on their devices and made orange chicken for supper. I believe that they even watched at least one episode of Amazing Race.

Once again, I was reminded that I am not good at being at the house all alone. Now the big boys were home, but they weren't much company since they spent their time yelling at people on their xboxes. I worked on school for Christmas, I sanded wooden blocks for a Sunday school Christmas party and I worked on my ornament blog-then I didn't have anything else I could think of to do so I just watched a Christmas movie.

We didn't go to Degray with everyone else because Reagan had her normal work until 6, and then she helped with a Christmas party at work until 7:30. She had done a lot of driving around town today in the rain, but as soon as she came home, she had a shower and then we headed to Arkadelphia.

The rain wasn't too bad on the way, so we just kept chugging along. All of the big kids were super talkative on the way down, so I didn't mind the drive at all. I did miss my turn into the campground so I had to go a little bit further-it was too dark to see the original turn. The boys then guided me to where everyone else was.

The camper feels small when you double the number of occupants-everyone else was all spread out and then we all came traipsing in. We all chatted for a little bit, and Reagan ate a chicken pot pie that I had made at home for her supper. 

It is 11 now, and we are just not getting everyone to snuggle into their beds. This is our first cold weather camping trip in a while, so Robby is trying to figure out the best way to heat us up tonight without it getting to warm!

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