November 29, 2023-The Cowboys for Christmas!

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I woke up at the normal time this morning and quickly did my chores before waking up all of the boys. I had originally thought that we were going to be leaving at noon when I wrote out my school for this week, so Graham had some school to be done. (I could have changed it, but it didn't take him long) Anderson and I did some math work to prepare for his final next week. And Whitman didn't have to wake up, but whenever his brothers do wake up, he wants to make sure that they wake him up too so that is what I did.

Soon Keaton was awake, and I also woke up Campbell since she needed to start on some of her school work. Reagan was the only one left in her bed, but I went upstairs once to ask her a question and text her another question so she wasn't sleeping too soundly. 

We left a little bit after ten this morning, plus we stopped at Kroger on the way to fill up with gas. Silly Bentley didn't do her normal business this morning so we left later because I was trying to give her plenty of opportunities. At Kroger, I thought that I would get out as well for her, but nothing. It wasn't until tonight that she finally caught up.

Anyway, we just zoomed right on down to Buccees today with no problem at all. Graham slept the entire way. Keaton also slept most of the way. Then we drove right through the middle of Dallas near rush hour, but it wasn't horrible. Robby focused on driving and I focused on praying! 

Our campground is in Arlington and it is kind of right in the middle of things. However, if you follow the gps directions then you would have to make a u turn to get here. Of course that isn't possible in a camper towing a car so they had alternate directions. So that last few miles I held both phones reading directions and looking at the map while Robby fought the crazy traffic. However, we did get here without a problem and had a wonderfully level pull through site. 

As soon as we parked, I saw an inflatable trampoline in the middle of the campground so that is where Whitman and Keaton headed off to. Graham followed a little bit after that. Soon Robby had us all set up, and we took a loop around the place with Bentley. 

Graham was hungry since he slept through lunch, so it didn't take too long for us to get the orange chicken started for supper. After we ate, we ran to Aldis nearby to see what they had. We bought some snacks for tonight, but I do remember being more impressed than I was tonight. It was fine, I we will probably go one or twice when it comes to Little Rock, but probably will really only go if they have a great sale on something.

Reagan went to work this afternoon back at home. Then she ran home for a minute and everyone rode to church together. She had to get there early for Bible study, so Anderson could have come later, but he would have had to drive the white van, so he just rode with her and Campbell. But other than that, I don't think they did a whole lot today.

Once we were back at the camper, we had our desserts and turned on the Hogs game. I am sitting on the bed in the back with my hood on and wrapped up in a blanket so I don't even know who is winning right now-and I don't plan to get up and look anytime soon either!

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