November 20, 2023

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  • This was kind of a busy Monday for us at least. All of the kids are already on Thanksgiving break so there have been lots of face timing and xboxing with people. However, we are not yet on Thanksgiving break yet, so school has still been happening.
  • We read together at 8:30 this morning, but I only read for 45 minutes because Campbell went to drink coffee with her friends. Robby took her there while the rest of us finished our school. 
  • I was able to do a few things on my list today, but for the most part, I didn't get a lot accomplished. That was fine though since my main task was cleaning the house some this afternoon. 
  • Graham and Reagan had work today, so they were gone most of the day. I guess since it was rainy and dreary the afternoon seemed long. I was busy all afternoon though because some of the homeshcool mommas came over for supper tonight. 
  • Even though I was busy, I really didn't cook anything-baked potatoes, soup from Sams, and a salad from Sams. I did make a coffee cake which I thought was fine. Now, Graham thought it was delicious!
  • While my people were over, Robby took those that wanted to go out to eat with him to Coltons. They had a big meal. Keaton and Graham opted to stay home so she babysat Bentley and Graham played on his xbox while the others were gone. 
  • It was late when my people left, and even later when I managed to get my kids in to their beds. And unfortunately, it was way too late for pictures tonight. 

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