November 15, 2023

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  • This morning started off with Robby and I dropping off the camper for a tune up. It has needed a tune up for a good while, but there have been other pressing issues. The car man had made a spot for the camper so I followed Robby to pick him up. Thankfully, there was plenty of room for the camper on that tiny lot.
  • When I made it home, Keaton was already hard at work on her school. I woke everyone else up, and we started just 15 minutes later than normal so it was win. Whitman was moving slow today, but Anderson was moving quickly-they can be the most distracted of all of the kiddos.
  • Graham and Reagan left for work this afternoon while the rest of us finished up some school. Then Anderson went to work on making his potato casserole for the Feast tonight at church. Graham had wanted to make his corn casserole, but since he was at work we decided that he would make it for Thanksgiving instead. Campbell and Keaton had already made their desserts yesterday.
  • When Reagan and Graham came home, Reagan was just there for a few minutes before she left again for church. Keaton and Campbell went with her because they sure aren't going to miss out on anything.
  • Church tonight was lots of fun for the big kids since they had their yearly Feast. Everyone brought food, and they all left a little full while Whitman and I left starving! We came home, and Robby made a pizza for Whitman while I had a bagel with cream cheese. We topped off our supper with some ice cream and some Amazing Race watching.

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