November 22, 2023

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  • This was our first official Thanksgiving break from school, but a tiny bit of school did still happen this morning. Anderson did a little bit, and so did Graham. Reagan has an essay due early next week, and she and Anderson have a history paper due late next week so there is still quite a bit of school work that should happen this weekend. Maybe it will since we don't plan to leave the house to do any shopping nor do we have to put up the Christmas things. 
  • During this little school day, there has been lots of gaming happening around here. The big boys are always on their xboxes, but Robby spent a few hours the other day getting the Wii working again, and it has completely occupied Whitman along with Keaton and Campbell. Campbell even spent hours today playing games on the computer with her friends today. If people could go to college on gaming scholarships, my kids could definitely qualify.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work this afternoon. I was gone when they left for work since I was out with Keaton, Anderson, and Whitman. Keaton wants a new Bible for Christmas so we went to the store to touch one before ordering it. Anderson and Whitman needed haircuts so that was the next stop. Then I had a few presents to drop off at Nonna's house so that was our final stop. My present buying needs to increase of the next few days because I am pretty far behind on things, but I have a few lists so I should be fine!
  • When we came home, Robby and I soon left-we walked around Costco for a little bit. I tried to buy me some pants but decided that I didn't really like them when I came home. We also bought some other random things like white rice and supper for tonight. 
  • Then we went to Five Below because Whitman has asked for one specific type of candy for his Christmas stocking. And that silly type of candy was proving difficult to find. Thankfully, the Five Below lady got on her hands and knees and found the very last one on the shelf for me. I even hugged her-not really, but it would have made for a good Hallmark move scene.
  • And yes, we did watch 2 Hallmark movies last night, but if these Hogs don't hurry up and win or lose this ballgame, then I may not get one in tonight. 
  • When we did get home from our shopping trip, we took Whitman and Keaton to Defy. Whitman usually doesn't care about going at all, but today he asked if maybe he could get another pass for next year. That won't happen since I don't think I can do that again without a little bit of a break-I feel like Defy is just one thing on my list that I can never check off-like the laundry or the dishes!
  • For supper, we all sat down and had supper around the table. Then I used lots of child power to get this house ready for Thanksgiving-vacuuming, moving tables, baking cookies and fudge, and just some general cleaning. For the most part everyone was done in time to watch the Razorbacks....except Robby had to take me to Dollar General to buy some sour cream. I'm not sure what happened there-I knew we had enough, but now I am worried about the rest of my cooking-what else am I missing? We shall see tomorrow I guess!

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