November 21, 2023

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  • Today was our last official day of school for the week. I believe that Campbell and Keaton did a lot of their work last night before they went to sleep. Graham was at least thinking about school at 2 last night when he text me to ask if he could work with me as soon as I finished reading with the others.
  • Even though we were all up very late last night, people still stirred relatively easy this morning. We did our reading, and then everyone sped through their school work. Anderson was waiting on me fairly early to review some ACT stuff. Then he had a math test that he aced during lunch.
  • Anderson had hoped to go and play basketball with Graham and a bunch of other boys this afternoon. He really debated going, but in the end he decided not to which was probably wise. I think his ankle is getting better, but I'm not really positive.
  • Robby had picked up the camper early this morning and dropped off the van for an oil change. So when we took Graham, we picked up the van, got gas in the cars, and went to the library. And gracious, I just get giddy going to the library-I have so many books to read to the kids and so many books to read myself! 
  • This afternoon I worked on some Sunday school things and even played a few games on the Wii with Whitman. It is surprising how quickly an afternoon can go by. I did have a little bit of a nap before pulling out all of the leftovers for supper. I didn't get a whole lot of takers for our leftovers but I did clean out the fridge some. 
  • Robby and I are now on the couch watching a Christmas movie-and will probably even get another one in before the end of the evening!

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