November 5, 2023

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  • Did you know that having 23 first graders in Sunday school can pretty much cause a person to lose their religion? It's true. Ha! Well, it is kind of true. There is just a room full of them, and I had to put a bit of fear in a couple of them this morning; otherwise Robby and I were going to lose control.
  • Teaching Sunday school this year is just completely different than last year for sure. However, it is still probably easier than answering Whitman's questions during big church. Today during a song, he asked me why they call Jesus the Son of Man. Hmm, I leaned over and asked Robby who wasn't really sure either so I had to ask google, but it didn't clear things up too much.
  • After church, the big girls and I changed clothes and headed to Benton for their last soccer game. This was Reagan's last last game. The game was tied 2-2 when it finished but Campbell and Reagan probably had their best games today. 
  • They wanted to celebrate with Sonic on the way home so that is what we did. We probably would have celebrated even if they had lost too. While we were soccering, everyone else went to Granmymom's house for Sunday lunch.
  • Keaton stayed and helped Grannymom with some yard work when everyone else went home. Anderson and Graham went to play basketball this afternoon. They made it home just about 20 minutes before they all needed to leave for Rock Creek.
  • So then everyone but Whitman went to The U tonight while Whitman stayed here with us. Robby continued his Sunday nap while I tried to mark things off of my weekly list. We then all met back up at the Wilson's house for Sunday supper. 
  • The kids headed home before we did, but we were home before 10 so we could start the nightly routine since tomorrow is a school day!

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