November 24, 2023

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  • Not a whole lot happened around here today. I guess in years past on Black Friday we have spent time decorating or shopping. We did do some shopping today, but most of that was online so Robby never had to leave the couch.
  • I did have a list of things to do today, and I did mark most of them off of my list except for raking the leaves, but no one was too anxious to do that. 
  • I was actually up a good bit before everyone else stirred this morning. I did my morning things plus finished a book. The kids started stirring while I was working on Graham's math for next year. This is the first year that I have drastically changed things up for the kids in the middle of the year. New science for the big boys, different math for Graham, new English for the big boys, and a new math for Anderson. I want to change Keaton's English too but I bought the wrong book and am mad at myself so I'm not sure if I will try to buy the book again or not.
  • We watched all of the losing Razorback teams on the tv today. I did take a short little nap during both games, but that didn't help the scores at all. Between the games I helped Reagan with her English essay-it is about Santa and I thought that it would be fun, but it isn't!
  • During the middle of the football game, Keaton, Campbell, Anderson, Robby, and I ran a few errands. We walked around Sams and bought some spoons, then stopped by Grannymom's house quickly before returning something to Kohls. Then I returned something to Costco while the others picked up pizzas, and finally we went to Kroger to pick up an order. 
  • Everyone ate supper when we came home. Whitman had mail-2 junior ranger badges that we have worked on lately. And then for the rest of the evening, I don't think that too much will happen around here-at least I hope not.

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