November 25, 2023

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  • I just told Robby that this day is kind of sad: our holiday weekend is now over. Oh, I know that we have Sunday left, but that does not really count. I again was the first one out of bed to work on that laundry and those dishes. 
  • After doing that, I moved on to getting something else ready for Sunday school tomorrow. We have much younger kids this year and many more kids this year, so winging it is not really possible this year-I have to be overplanned which is why I was adding to tomorrow's list of things to do in Sunday school.
  • Robby and I watched a little bit of a football game before we moved outside to work in the yard. All three of the boys came out to help us. Graham did text the family group chat asking when they were to help. I just answered whenever they want so those two big boys came out fairly soon.
  • We only worked for maybe an hour. Robby spent some more time out there watching his burn pile. When Graham and Anderson came in the house, Whitman saw them walk by with drinks in their hands-so Whitman came out to ask why they had drinks and if he could have one. Of course he could, as long as he worked for a few minutes which he did very willingly.
  • After our yard work, I helped Reagan with a bit of school before Robby and I left to run some errands. One goal was to find Bentley dog food-her brand has been recalled, and we are getting low on what we have (made before the recall). We have used less expensive food before and could tell the different (probably too much detail for the blog), but we sure don't want to spend much more money than we already spend.
  • Back at home, the boys and Robby started a project-installing their new monitors. They upgraded and are in full gaming mode. I took Campbell to a party with some church friends, and before I realized it, it was time for me to leave the house to go and pick her up again.
  • Once we were home, there was some ice cream along with some more football watching downstairs and lots of gaming upstairs!

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