November 14, 2023

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  • I was about to say that this was a good Monday, but this wasn't Monday at all. It was a little bit of a different since Robby spend a good deal of the day in Conway. It did start the usual way though with Graham and Reagan going to their Bible study early this morning.
  • I do set my alarm to make sure that they are up, but I don't get out of my bed, I just text them. This morning I didn't have to text them since Graham had text me first. Last night, I told him to put in his retainer, but he asked to keep it out since he was still playing his xbox and talking to his friends.
  • He told me that he would put it in before midnight and text me when he did. However, at 12:05 last night I had not heard from him. I text him and Anderson, but neither responded so I assumed that they were asleep. But that retainer needs to worn, so up the stairs I went since I was going to put that thing in his mouth myself. However, when I went to check the container in the bathroom it was empty so he did have it in.
  • We did our morning reading and while we were reading Anderson left and then Reagan and Graham did as well. The morning moved quickly since I knew that we were leaving around 1. When the boys came home, I quickly finished spelling with Whitman and then we all headed to Defy.
  • The big boys had not been to Defy in forever, and Whitman was so excited to show them something new. And blast it-they were working on that area today so it was closed. There was plenty of other things for them to do since we were the only people in there except for the workers. I figure I will get the big boys to go again soon since they were the two that I had to stand and wait on while the others were already in the car.
  • Back at home, I worked on things for our Sunday school Christmas party, and then I helped Graham and Anderson with science and history. Meanwhile, Campbell made fudge for church tomorrow, and Keaton made cookies for church as well.
  • Whitman prepared our baked potatoes for super, but as I was about to put them in the oven, I realized that Keaton was stirring up about 90 cookies so I used the toaster oven for the potatoes. I crammed all of our potatoes in the toaster oven and they cooked-but barely!
  • After supper, Reagan had to make a resume for a scholarship so she is working on that, Campbell is on the phone with her friends, Keaton is working on her Christmas list, Anderson and Graham are on their xboxes and Whitman is taking the dog out-actually, he has been outside for quite a long time so I think that I better check on him!

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