November 23, 2023-Happy Thanksgiving

(click for today's pictures)

  • This morning started with Robby and I awake and working while the precious little children who have taken to staying up super late snoozed in their beds. Even though they may have stayed up late last night, they didn't take too long to wake up.
  • I was told that they all even made their beds-my day's requirement. I haven't been up there so I don't really know if they did this or not, but they were all dressed and happy when they came downstairs.
  • Though I will say it is getting more and more difficult to get those little stinkers to work on their fruit turkeys. This is a tradition that I plan on continuing for a very long time, so they really will just have to get over it. I did get my turkeys and more importantly my pictures so all was good.
  • Soon our family all started arriving and carrying in their food. All of my kitchen counters were full of food. We had a feast for sure. Afterwards we even managed some family photos-not every year do we remember to take pictures of everyone, but I am sure glad that we remembered today.
  • Everyone stayed for quite a while visiting which I loved. Of course Thanksgiving is a little different these days that we don't really have the huge newspaper full of ads to look through because now we have been Black Friday shopping for weeks. The kids asked to go shopping tomorrow, and I just reminded them that they could look on amazon at any time of the day.
  • After everyone left, we huddled around the tv on the couch to watch the Hogs game. This game didn't have the same results as last nights, but I slept through most of it! 
  • About 10 different kids have come downstairs and asked me what was for supper. This is definitely a make you own night, and that is what they have done-at least Whitman and Anderson. I think I am going to have some hot chocolate much later, but for now, it is football on tv and possibly a Hallmark movie.

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