November 8, 2023

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  • Wednesday is the favorite day of the kids. It is a long one, but I guess that I kind of like it too. Robby was gone this morning since Grandpa was having a little surgery. While he was gone, the rest of us started our morning like usual.
  • Reagan is going to be at her second job next week when the rest of us go to the dentist, so I was able to snag her another appointment for today. I took her, and she didn't have any cavities, but it was worse! She was referred to someone because she needs her wisdom teeth out!
  • While we were gone, Graham needed to go to work so Anderson delivered him there. Grandpa's surgery went well so Robby was home in time to meet me so Reagan could just drive straight to work. Some days you just need a flow chart about who is going where and when.
  • This afternoon was spent with some packing and working on spelling with Whitman. I'm not sure if this boy will ever get spelling. We will keep working until he does though. Keaton only has one more year of official spelling lessons, but I can foresee that Whitman will be doing spelling much longer than that.
  • I worked on the tree some, and after I put up the boxes tonight I think that I can declare myself officially done with decorating for Christmas. We also bought 3 Christmas presents today, so that is pretty huge as well. 
  • Graham and Reagan came home, and then Reagan, Campbell, and Keaton left for church. This is about the time that I laid down for about 10 minutes. Robby came in and started talking to me, so my 10 minute nap was cut short to 4, but it was still a nap! Afterwards, I jumped in the shower for a bit before church.
  • Soon the boys and I were headed to church ourselves. Wednesday nights are pretty wild, but they do make the evening go by super quickly. Robby ordered pizza for us to pick up on our way home so as we did some final packing we ate our supper which was delicious or maybe I was just hungry.

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