November 17, 2023

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  • I slept in for a bit today, but I didn't let the big boys sleep in too long though. They both had some school work left over for the week so by 9, they were starting on it. Whitman was the only other one to wake up.
  • Last night when Campbell and Keaton went to bed, they told me to check on them if they were not awake by 4. I told them that I hoped that they were awake by 4, and I also hoped that I remembered to check on them by then because if they were sleeping that long then something might be wrong.
  • It was nearly 3 when I did finally see Campbell and Keaton. It wasn't because I had forgotten about them, but instead I had been gone-they did wake up around 1 though.
  • I left around noon to do some Christmas shopping. I haven't done much shopping this year-usually my stocking boxes are overflowing by now, but some folks just had a roll of lifesavers in their boxes. However, I was able to do some good so I was fairly pleased. I was shocked though at all of the people out shopping-I guess the rest of my shopping will be done online!
  • When I came home, I ended up playing two different games with Campbell, Keaton, Anderson, and Whitman. Anderson had some school work this afternoon, but I think that he gets a little bored sometimes when Graham is at work. 
  • Soon Robby and I were headed to Panda Express to pick up some Friday night supper for the crew. We also picked up some doughnuts from Dunkin since we had a gift card to use. We have decided that we are going to try to use up all of our gift cards-I guess we used 2 today, but I think that Robby bought one when he bought supper so we aren't doing too well.
  • I finished a book while watching the Hogs play their basketball game. Now I am not sure what exactly we are going to do with the rest of the evening.

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