November 28, 2023

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  • Reagan and Graham went to their Bible study this morning across town. It started at 6:45-so they left bright and early. Then I think that both of them came back and took a nap. Graham slept until 10, but Reagan had to leave for her classes around 9:20ish. 
  • The rest of us did our reading this morning plus we knocked out quite a few library books. My current library book situation for the kids is a whole wooden crate full of them-that is just our read alouds plus Whitman has a box of books, Campbell and Keaton have some books for school, plus if you need any ACT book from the Central Arkansas Library System then come to my house because I have them all! (Not that they are going to make a world of difference, but maybe them just being here will help!)
  • Campbell starts her official Christmas school tomorrow, and everyone else will begin theirs this next week or the next. I need to start my Christmas shopping sooner rather than later. We have ordered a lot of things lately, but they don't seem to be coming in as quick as I want. I would like to figure out everyone's presents so I can move on to doing some shopping for the kids' stockings.
  • The girls went to help Nonna decorate her Christmas tree this afternoon. They went to town with their decorating and knocked it out in no time at all. After they had finished this, they did run to ChickFilA to celebrate the accomplishments. 
  • We are visiting ChickFilA quite a bit lately-the girls went there with Nonna. Reagan and Graham's Bible study was there this morning, and Reagan's Bible study was there last night. Maybe everyone is getting their fill of it.
  • This afternoon I did some packing, and that was about it. We did star working on supper just as Reagan came in from work tonight. We didn't really have a plan since we had quite a few leftovers so it was on your own with a goal of cleaning out the fridge and pantry. We did finish off the pita bread, corn casserole, potato casserole, chicken, and a cheese ball. That is pretty good-and I am working diligently on finishing off the pecan pie. I really, really love pecan pie, and I guess I had forgotten how strongly I feel about it.

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