November 7, 2023

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  • This morning started early for Graham and Reagan since they went to Bible study across town. Reagan got herself some banana bread while Graham just at a doughnut. They made it home about the time that Anderson had to leave for his classes. 
  • I then started reading with the others, and Graham and Reagan headed to school. Once she made it to school, she text me a question so I called Robby who wasn't at the house to ask him. I started talking, but forgot that we are all still a little jumpy on Tuesday mornings about Reagan getting to school. I think that I kind of panicked him since I didn't get to the point quick enough. 
  • Anderson and Graham came home just about the time that we were finishing school around here. I still had to work with Whitman on his spelling, but then the school day was over. 
  • Robby cooked 3 dozen eggs and 3 pounds of sausage for me. I then made breakfast tortillas for the big boys. I am not sure when we did this last, but it seems like they can really go through all of that. It is nice to have something warm to eat for breakfast though.
  • I then took Graham to the orthodontist and then to get his hair cut. He said that those are two places that he really hates. He especially stressed about going and getting his hair cut, but I think that it looks good.
  • At home, Campbell helped me put up the big Christmas tree in the living room. We didn't decorate it or anything, so that will be tomorrow's task. Then we had our supper-most folks chose air fryer pizza to eat. 
  • When Reagan left school, she went to work-this was her first day at her second job. I think that she liked it, but she isn't quite sure what all she is supposed to be doing. Then when that was over, seh met a friend at Dillards so she could buy herself some house shoes. 
  • Robby and I then met her at Kroger to fill up 2 cars with gas. While they were getting gas, I ran into to Costco, and then Reagan stayed and walked through Kroger with us. We grabbed a few things, and then headed home. 
  • I just had some ice cream and am about to finish my book.

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