November 12, 2023-Lake Degray for the Weekend

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The kids all had to leave early this morning so they could go to church. We started waking everyone up around 7:10, and it took until about 7:50 for them all to get up and be able to get ready in the camper. My kiddos just enjoy church-especially Sunday school plus there was a mission trip preview meeting after church for them.

We did let Whitman stay home with us. Before we left, he had been telling me about his throat being a little bit sore, but on Friday I think that he felt pretty rough. However, today he felt much better-and much more chatty. He explored near the water for a good little bit and even made a tower of rocks. 

And since we are talking about Whitman-tonight he had life group, and on the way there I asked him about camping. He said 1/4 of his favorite part of camping is staying in the camper, 1/4 is going out of the camper, 1/4 of his favorite part is building a fire and having s'mores, and the last 1/4 is having pretzels. We buy peanut butter filled pretzels for our camping trips, and I guess that he really enjoys them.

Whitman did tell me all about his lifegroup tonight. He said that he got in trouble like 3 different times. He continued by saying that the kids beside him kept talking to him, and he would try to tell him to be quiet and that is when he would get in trouble. I couldn't get too upset about any of that-Whitman is a rule follower (for the most part), and I have never seen him being talkative during anything before. Plus he told me all about it, and also for him to be chatting with someone else his age is really a win. He doesn't have many buddies at all! I just encouraged him to not sit by that boy again.

Back to this morning though, Reagan was the one who drove everyone to church. This was the longest that she has ever driven-it is good practice for her since she will probably be driving somewhere next year. She did get a text though from me (sent to Graham) to tell her to slow down-we certainly don't need a speeding ticket.

After they left we laid in bed for a little bit, then we turned on church. I read some while Robby worked on rearranging some cords. We then headed outside to work for a little bit putting things away. Then Tony made us some sandwiches for lunch.

When lunch was over, we didn't take too much time to put everything away and leave the campground. We did stop at Walmart on the way home to get gas and pick up a few things. Meanwhile, when the kids left church they went to eat at Nonna and Pops' house. 

The boys had basketball practice this afternoon in Benton so they left from Pops' house. Then Nonna and Pops were gracious enough to take the girls home. We eventually showed up, and Robby and I went to work on the camper.

At 5, I took Whitman to his lifegroup. At 5:15, Keaton, Campbell, Graham and Anderson went to Rock Creek for The U, and then at 5:50 Reagan left for her lifegroup. So there was a lot of church going tonight. While they were all gone, Robby and I made chili for our Sunday night supper with the Wilsons. 

Everyone ate, and we watched a ittle bit of tv before they left. As soon as they left, Reagan made it back home. Now, I am going to try to urge everyone to put away all of their laundry that I have folded tonight and start having everyone to go to bed.

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