November 13, 2023

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  • School went fairly well for us this morning-the little 3 and I started reading and had a huge pile of books to go to. We didn't finish a one today, and I really don't think that we will finish any of them tomorrow either.
  • Anderson has a test tomorrow so I did spend a lot of the day staying on him encouraging him to keep going over his notes. Reagan has the same test, and she completely stressed about it. She has studied for about a week for hours while Anderson is fairly nonchalant about it. There score will probably still be fairly similar or at least they have been on the past tests.
  • Whitman was shocked to see that it was nearing 11-this is usually his time that he wants to be done. However, he is never finished by 11-never! At least when he sees that it is 11, he does start speeding up a little bit on his school work. Today, however, we even did a little bit of spelling before lunch-only 5 minutes worth, but I took what I could get.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work this afternoon. While they were gone, I reloaded the camper so it is ready for the next trip. Today I even walked Bentley for a little bit. She gets used to our walks when we are camping, and someone should probably walk her a few times a day around here, but that just doesn't happen.
  • Robby and I ran some errands to pick up food for the kids' feast on Wednesday night as well as we are even working on our Thanksgiving groceries. With all of our grocery shopping, we even managed to buy a stocking stuffer.
  • For supper tonight, we heated up the leftover chili. Some folks ate some of that and others had leftovers. Reagan went to Bible study at Tazikis and had herself some food there. Our chili was pretty decent, but I think that she got the better end of the deal for sure!
  • Anderson, Keaton, Whitman, and I played a short game while some of the Hogs game was on. Now Keaton is working on her math while the Hogs finish their game. I might read a little bit, or maybe I might take a nap. 

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