November 16, 2023

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  • Thursdays I always wake up and shoot out of bed since Anderson needs to leave about 20 minutes after I do get out of bed. Thankfully, Anderson doesn't need 20 minutes to get ready to leave-apparently, he needs closer to 10 since even after me waking up, he doesn't seem to move fairly quickly until about 10 minutes until time for him to leave.
  • Thursdays are read only library books day-one of my favorite days. I have been on a library book kick lately-especially the ones that I read in the mornings. Browsing the library website has become my new hobby lately-at least it is free.
  • We all did our school this morning until the boys came home. Then we had some time for some quick lunch before we all headed to the dentist. Reagan stayed at school and work since she went to the dentist last week. We did pretty well though-only Anderson had cavities so it was a Sonic day for sure.
  • This evening I had a little bit of school work with Anderson, and then we didn't really do anything else for the rest of the day. We did move Bentley's food bowl so we will see exactly how smart of a day she is if she is able to remember it!

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