November 18, 2023

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  • Robby and I weren't too in a hurry to get out of bed today. Graham was the only one awake this morning when we did finally climb out of bed. The girls had only been a sleep for a few hours-Campbell and Keaton started off in the bonus room last night, but Robby heard them going back to their bedroom sometime in the middle of the night.
  • Both of the big boys had some ACT work to do today-they are all taking it near the first of December so they had better be working. I'm not too sure if Graham got to his work today, but Anderson did most of his work-though I know of some that hasn't happened yet. 
  • I guess all the big 3 did some school work today. Reagan worked on her next English essay-if she does go to OBU, we have determined that she will not need to take Comp 2 this next semester unless she majors in education. However, she just can't relax and still thinks she wants to take it!
  • Campbell, Keaton, Robby, and I ran a few errands this afternoon. We started at Bath and Body where I picked up a few more teacher gifts while Robby grabbed himself a hamburger. Then we went to Costco with the rest of Little Rock. The next stop was Kroger. We intended to go to Sams, but the ice cream in the trunk prevented that trip. 
  • Reagan left to go to the movies and a bit after that Anderson fell and sprained his ankle. I hope he sprained his ankle! He half heartedly assured me that it was not broken. He did set in the living room for probably 2 hours afterwards with his foot propped up with ice on it. 
  • At halftime during the Hogs football game everyone ran to the showers since it is Sunday night after all. We have already had our ice cream, and I'm trying to figure out if having hot chocolate later is still acceptable after ice cream!

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