November 4, 2023

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  • Robby and I knew that since we had the opportunity to sleep in this morning, we would not, and that was true. We were both awake pretty early, but we did lay in bed as long as we could. 
  • Robby eventually ended up outside. He worked on quite a few different things, but the big thing was getting the tow dolly ready to go again after the blow out on the way to Disney.
  • I was a little less productive inside. I did the regular things, plus I got all of my new Christmas ornaments ready to hang and ready to blog about. While I was working on that, I heard a ton of commotion upstairs and realized that the boys were watching the football game.
  • I then joined Campbell on the couch watching the game. There I stayed until it was time to leave for Reagan and Campbell's soccer game in Sherwood. For a city that is kind of close to home, it is a long way away. 
  • The other team just had 7 players so we played them 10 on 7. I think that both teams had a good time on the field today-there was a lot of soccer playing, but a lot of laughing as well. 
  • When the game was over, we hurried home since all of the girls had something this evening. Campbell went to a party at a friend's house while Reagan and Keaton went to a movie. 
  • That left us and the boys at home. Graham made orange chicken which Anderson and I also ate. Whitman and Robby both had pizza for their supper.
  • Right now, I am cuddled up on the couch and just remembered that I have to go and pick up Campbell in a little bit! I'm sure I would have remembered-maybe!

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