November 27, 2023

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  • Only one more real school day before we begin our Christmas school around here (except for Reagan and Anderson who have to finish their big kids classes first). Knowing that probably helped get everyone awake this morning.
  • I started off by reading to everyone-we have a ton of library books to read each morning which I am trying to get through before Christmas. Keaton and Whitman do have a bit of a problem staying awake sometimes in the morning. Campbell is usually the only one who might be listening to everything I read, or she is staying awake by secretly playing on her phone while I'm not looking! 
  • Anderson and Reagan both have history paper due soon so that has occupied a lot of time today. Thankfully, those are almost done-almost a week early so that just leaves her one essay, one test, and one art project, and it leaves Anderson two tests.
  • Speaking of Anderson-since his sprained ankle from last Saturday still hasn't completely healed, we went to the doctor today. I probably wouldn't have gone to our pediatrician if I had known that they no longer really have an xray person. 
  • So after seeing the doctor, we had to go to another place to get an xray of the ankle. The doctor doesn't think that it is broken or anything, but we did need to rule it out. However, he wondered if physical therapy might be needed; I guess we will know more tomorrow when we hear about the xray. 
  • While we were gone, Reagan and Anderson were at work and Robby and the other girls ran to do a few mystery shops. The girls loved having the opportunity to do mystery shops at Target-Robby even let them walk around some. Of course they found a few things-Campbell found candy for her stocking while Keaton found pajama pants for Christmas.
  • And if you are counting, this left Whitman at home alone. He wasn't by himself for too long, and I don't think he really notice that he was alone at all. Anderson was quick to tell me that I would not have left him alone when he was just 10. I think that he is probably right!
  • Reagan had Bible study tonight after work so she is just now walking in from that with her hands full of her super leftovers. Robby is watching football, and I am sure that Anderson is upstairs studying for his test!
  • I am debating getting me some hot chocolate, but I am still warm from my tomato soup. It is fairly chilly in this house, so Robby did pull out the heater. Of course there has been a few squabbles about who is sitting closest to it today-Reagan and I were one of the ones squabbling about it today!

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