November 11, 2023-Lake Degray for the Weekend

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  • In case you were wondering, the boys did get back to the camper about 2:30 last night. The plan had been for them to head this way around 2, so at 1:40 last night (I was awake to go to the bathroom), I text and asked if they were coming back or sleeping there. Graham wrote me back with, "I think we are leaving soon." I wrote back to ask what exactly that meant as he wrote to to give me some more info.
  • In about 10 minutes, they did indeed head this way. They were pretty quiet coming in, but I did motion for Anderson to come back to us to tell us all about it. So we did get the quick rundown-hung out in some dorm rooms, played basketball, did some silent disco, and then back to some dorm rooms. They had a blast and decided that college life was for them. 
  • We all woke up around 9 this morning. Robby made pancakes, sausage and egg in the hole. We had a bit of downtime before it was time to leave for the Battle of the Ravine. We parked a good ways down the main road but made it to the stadium in time to find a seat, barely, by the Wilsons. 
  • Campbell found her friends and left us during the game. She did show back up when I returned from the concession stand with popcorn and Tacos for Life cheese dip. The game was fairly fun to watch-actually, I think that it was more fun to watch than the Razorback game today.
  • When the game was over, we headed back to the camper. Some of Brett's friends, some of Layne's friends, and some of the Wilson's friends all came back for supper. Shannon had made lots and lots of soup. 
  • There were so many kiddos that the spots by the fire were limited. Also the wood tonight was limited. It is now 8:30 and the fire is already out so the only folks still outside are Keaton and Campbell. I am cuddled up in the bed and most of the other Dennies are as well!

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