November 6, 2023

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  • As far as school goes today, this was definitely a Monday morning. It took a little bit of time for us to get back into the swing of things. Math was especially difficult for everyone since it had been a week break on math. Math is just something that we shouldn't really take a break from-maybe I will need to remember than when we take our winter break.
  • Graham and Reagan went to work this afternoon. While they were gone, Whitman and Anderson still had a little bit of school work to do. Then Keaton and Campbell helped me with my afternoon task.
  • I have been putting up the Christmas trees, and on Saturday I put up the tree in my bedroom. When I finished, I realized that I put up a smaller tree than we had there last year. I worried about it some, but then just decided that it was okay because the girls could just use the larger tree in their bedroom.
  • However, I didn't take into account that their ceiling is pretty sloped. Campbell and Keaton tried the big tree, but nope-it just wouldn't fit! That meant that my bedroom tree had to be undecorated and hauled upstairs. Thankfully, they did that for me so I only had to redecorate it. Last night I had told Robby how much I really don't like putting up Christmas trees-and today, I got to do one again!
  • None of that took too long though so I was soon working on the tree in the kitchen. I have one tree left and one bin left. However, I have lost one thing so hopefully it shows up in my next bin. 
  • Whitman washed, poked holes in, oiled and salted our baked potatoes tonight so we gave him credit for making the meal. We have another bag of potatoes which is good because baked potatoes are a hit around here.
  • I did some reading tonight while Reagan was at a Bible study and while quite a few of us gathered around the tv to watch the Hogs play basketball.

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