November 10, 2023-Lake Degray for the Weekend

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I had been a bit concerned about the weather this weekend while we were camping. We woke up this morning to the sun blaring in our window, so we opened the blinds and were surprised at how warm it was. Of course, we didn't go outside then, we just stayed snuggled in bed for a bit longer.

Eventually, the girls did get up and take Bentley outside. And after we had all eaten breakfast, we did move the camper to a different site. Robby originally only book us coming here Friday instead of Thursday, so when he added the Thursday he had to get a different spot. That was all fine though, and we were soon outside in our new spot making grilled cheese.

The weather this morning and afternoon was pretty perfect. We went on a walk once, and the sun was warm enough that I took off my jacket. It was chilly but still pleasant. Not tonight, it did get chilly but when we were by the fire we were fine.

At 2:30 this afternoon, Reagan and I had a meeting at Ouachita. At the last minute the boys decided to tag along and go and see Brett. They were a bit apprehensive when we pulled up, since they were going to be kind of on their own while we were at our meeting. Once they saw Brett and Braxton, they scurried away form Reagan and I.

The boys then ended up writing me saying, "the keys are in the car." And I later understood that they had gone to Little Rock to pick up Braxton's brother and then came back to OBU to play some basketball. They are actually still there, and are planning to help their buddies guard the tiger and will be heading home tonight around 2. 

It was probably a good thing that they did find something to do. I had guessed that our meeting would be an hour or maybe an hour and a half. I had no idea that we would still be there at 5. We met with the admission counselor, with the dean of Christian studies, with the dean of Humanities, and even with the president. It was definitely quite the visit. I believe that Reagan has just about narrowed down her college choice to one school.

We got Sonic for everyone when we headed back to camp. By the time that we came home, it was already darkish and getting chilly. They had a fire started already, and we were soon cooking chicken tacos for supper. Shannon had made an apple dump cake for dessert, and it was warm and delicious.

We huddled by the fire watching the Razorbacks play basketball. When the game was over, we migrated back inside of the camper-well, Campbell and Keaton stayed outside chatting on the phone with their friends!

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