November 30, 2023-The Cowboys for Christmas!

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I woke right up at 6:30 this morning like a kid on Christmas. I was quiet for a while but eventually pulled out my phone. I did actually then stay awake until I could tell that Anderson was on his way to class. He isn't the best waker upper. I thought I about staying awake to make sure that Reagan left the next hour; however, I am glad that I didn't because that girl skipped her classes today. (She had no reason to go since they were just reviewing.)

Robby was soon awake and on his computer working. I guess that I woke up the kids making my bagel. Also Graham and Whitman slept in the top last night-having two boys up there is not ideal. They were smelling up the place for sure. 

We ate and then we eventually loaded up to go to the Gaylord hotel. Robby and I have walked around one of these hotels before but wow, they were all decorated for Christmas. It was something to see. Robby had prebought all of our tickets-except the parking. And yikes! I will not even tell you what we paid for parking-it might make you cry-it did Robby!

Each year they have an ICE exhibit. This year the theme was Dr Seuss. It was incredible-you put on these parkas and then go in a 9 degree area (seriously, it was 9 degrees) and walk around to see the sculptures. People from a village in China come over and do the carving. There were tons of sculptures plus even an ice slide to go down. 

By the queues that were all around we could tell that the lines could get crazy. It was pretty crowded when we were there, but nothing compared to what it is closer to Christmas. We really enjoyed the ICE part. Then we bought an ornament before the kids were able to do some snow tubing. The run wasn't huge, but they still did it a few times. The tube was heavy for Whitman to carry up the stairs, but that was good for him. He was the one who seemed to enjoy it the  most-every time he went down, he was grinning ear to ear. This just makes me want to go to the huge hill in Branson and go snow tubing.

Then there were snowballs that we throw towards targets, and finally a scavenger hunt through the atrium area of the hotel. Our first stop there was some hot chocolate. Doing the scavenger hunt showed us how absolutely massive the hotel really is. It is beautifully decorated for Christmas. I now would like to go back to it during the year to see what it looks like normally. Currently though, you could stay all day and spend thousands of dollars doing Christmas activities all day long or possibly even for a few days.

It was a lot of fun despite the dreary weather outside. It might have rained a little bit this morning, but it has mainly been a very slight drizzle if that all day. It has just been enough to make it messy for Bentley to go out and to make it grey and dreary.

Campbell spent her day busy-she perfectly made the chocolate oatmeal cookies that Robby and I struggle to make right. Those are one of his favorite cookies, but we usually undercook them. Reagan had work this afternoon, but other than that hopefully, she and Anderson did a lot of studying today.

After leaving the Gaylord, we stopped to eat at In and Out. There burgers are one of my favorites. I believe that we agreed that there burgers are better than Whataburger, but their fries are not as good (I haven't had Whataburgers fries). And of course, no milkshakes can be better than ChickFilAs.

We were pretty full on our half hour plus some drive back to the camper. We laid low until it was time for us to drop of Robby and Graham. Graham received tickets to a Cowboys game last Christmas so he has waited for 11 months for this. I drove the stadium and dropped them off.

To get back to the camper, I made a uturn just like I was a New Yorker. We made it back to the camper just as the boys made it to their seats. Their seats were pretty high up but near the front of the section. The game has been pretty good to watch.

We also watched the game on the tv back in the camper. We also ate some supper, played some games and ate dessert. I finished a book-and silly me, I didn't bring enough books and am out. I guess I am going to have to just put a spare book in the camper for emergencies. 

We watched the game until 1 minute left, and then my crew loaded up to pick up Robby and Graham. We zoomed right towards the stadium until we got to a road block so that meant that Robby and Graham had an extra 15 minute walk to get to me, but we were right at the edge of the street when they did walk by us.

Their game was good, and it was a win so they had a super good time. We made it back to the camper a little bit before 11:30 so now everyone is getting ready for bed. 

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