November 2, 2023

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  • I had been a bit worried about how this day would go, but ever after all of our minor stressors yesterday, we were still home before I thought that we would be. So when I went to wake up Anderson for school, I was surprised to see their lights on. 
  • Anderson was already awake and Graham was finding something in his drawers while Whitman had the covers over his head. I asked why the lights were on since Whit didn't have to wake up yet, but they said that he wanted for them to wake him up. (It didn't work because I had to come up later twice to wake him up myself.)
  • Anderson went to his class, and then Reagan and Graham went to theirs. While they were gone, Campbell, Keaton, and I did a little bit of reading. I had planned a shorter day of school for them-pretty much they only had to do things that didn't involve me at all! 
  • While they were working, I tried to work on my list. It started off being a pretty long list, but I was able to do quite a bit during the day. By the time that the big boys came home from school, I was about to have my lunch.
  • I did some math with Anderson and then helped him and Graham with some things that they had missed while we were on our trip. By a bit after 5, the camper was clean and reloaded with all of our clean sheets. 
  • Tonight everyone made their own suppers which did help clean out the fridge a little bit. I worked on some school for January while Robby worked on my computer that wouldn't print. And finally, we ended up in the living room with Keaton and Whitman watching Amazing Race.

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