September 30, 2011

Taking care of 'lil sis'!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton's first night at home was fairly tame.  She did wake up and suck down a bottle and then never really settled back down and had another bottle an hour later.  
  • Though we have decided that the boys are the ones that cause this house to stir because we were all still in bed sleeping at 7:30.  We did stir then since Dana was coming over to drop off the boys. They went to sleep last night and all slept well.  When they returned, I unpacked and noticed that foxy was not with them.  I mentioned it to Graham and he didn't seem concerned and I made a mental note that we would need it by night time but as soon as I made that note, it apparently got erased.
  • When Campbell woke up this morning, she must have forgotten about Keaton and made no mention of her.  She finally saw a baby blanket, picked it up and looked under it and said "baby, gone?"
  • We all had breakfast (the second for the boys) and then we went upstairs for me to unpack clothes and work on the blinds.  I laid Keaton in the floor in the sun and Reagan promptly set in between the baby and the sun-she didn't want Keaton to get the sun in her eyes.  I tried to explain that Keaton would turn her head or close her eyes but I did want the sun on the baby.  Anyway, after sitting there for a very long time, I tried to encourage Reagan to go and play but she acted like it was her duty to sit there.  So I just let her.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to do a little work and the kids were excited to show them the wagon full of sticks that they had picked up.  Their pile was pretty impressive but they only walked about 20 feet and were able to collect them all.
  • The kids played outside all morning while everyone worked outside-including me which is why my ankles are swollen tonight-the kids were dirty enough that they were hosed off before they were allowed in the house for lunch. When they were clean, we all came in for lunch and then a movie for the kids.  I wasn't going to let them back outside after just getting them clean.  
  • Graham must have gotten pretty sleepy during the movie and the next thing I know is that he was hysterical about not having foxy.  I am sure that Grannymom was ready to go and find him for the boy.  I finally calmed him down to just a whimper or two and had him lay down for his nap.  I could hearing him whining on the monitor and even pulled out a new toy for him to have for being "such a big brave boy for sleeping without foxy."  
  • After naps, the kids went back outside to play-Grandpa and Robby had finished the treehouse/swing set and it looks huge in this yard.  On Gamble when the kids went down the slide, they had to land with their feet ready to stand and their hands ready to touch a tree or they would get knocked down by that tree.  Here they have plenty of room to play and even had 3 neighbor kids playing on it with them this afternoon.  Graham spent some of the afternoon helping Grandpa work on his little playhouse and then helping Robby pick up rocks.  At one time, I even saw the boy on the top of the playhouse with his googles on and was busy hammering.  I guess he was putting on a new roof.
  • Before too long, we had a grandparent switch-the Dennies left and the Brocks came.  It took awhile to get Campbell back in the house-she enjoyed climbing to the top of the tree house even though we would have to get her down since she must not like the slide and wouldn't go down it.  
  • Nonna had made supper for us so we all enjoyed that and the kids were pretty wild.  They did calm a bit after baths but we still put them in bed early.  Nonna fed Keaton who then stayed awake for awhile.  She stayed awake for another long stretch this afternoon-it was when everyone else was outside so she was safe.  
  • Speaking of Keaton-the big thing is still for them to hold her.  It was the sweetest thing tonight-Anderson was holding her and just talking to her and then he started singing Jesus Love Me to her.  Man, should have recorded it.  Then I overheard Graham telling her that her belly button would fall off and she would be all better.  Sweet, sweet, sweet!!
  • Also speaking of Keaton.  She hasn't really pooed since the last night at the hospital so we thought we would give it a try to help things out a bit.  Amber text us through it and sure enough we finally had success.  Probably not too much success but something it better than nothing.  I did wonder when our lives changed and we started talking about BMs on a Friday night.  

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