March 1, 2012

Dump Truck Visit!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • School morning this morning-Robby took the boys, I took the girls. The most exciting thing that happened this morning was the huge bag of fruit loops that I bought the other day-huge bag!  Everyone also wanted milk in it which is funny to me because I don't even remember the last time anyone had milk in their cereal.
  • Robby worked from home today and I saw my 3 kiddos at work and then picked up the boys.  Anderson had yogurt covered raisins for snack and said he didn't eat them because they had yogurt on them and then in the same breath asked if we could buy some vanilla yogurt.  And since you are wondering, Graham had cheese and crackers for snack.  Anderson did come home with 2 pretty rainbow watercolor pictures (he said he copied off of someone-I guess that doesn't matter yet).
  • The girls had a big morning at Grannymom and Grandpas.  They played Barbies, played in the tent, walked to Lilly's to jump on the trampoline.  I didn't ask but I don't think that Grannymom nor Grandpa jumped on the trampoline like the boys said that they did last time.  
  • When we all arrived, we had lunch and then the kids all played outside for awhile until it was time to head home.  Ms. Keaton had not been to sleep all morning long-she was just as happy as she could be so I was sure that on the way home she would fall asleep (and she did) but I was also sure that she would sleep most of the afternoon (45 minutes is not most of the afternoon).  
  • Campbell also fell asleep on the way home but I had to man handle her so much getting her out of the car that she woke up (moving 50 pounds of a sleeping child out of the back of a mini van is not that easy)  That was fine since Robby was pushing everyone on the swing.  They all played outside for a bit and then I let them watch one movie and then school time.
  • As I came to put Campbell down for a nap, she was sitting so quietly coloring and looked at me and said "no, I school."  We convinced her that she really wanted some milk instead and she eventually went to bed happily.  The boys both decided that they wanted to take a nap during school (hmmm, sounds fishy, they must have wanted to get out of it).  I gave them their milk and told them they had to lay down until school was over and they did for the most part.  
  • It was pretty relaxing with just me and Reagan today.  We breezed through her work and I got everything ready for next week.  I had earlier released the boys to go and play upstairs but soon called them back downstairs to read on of our Dr. Seuss books and do a goldfish graphing activity.  Reagan and I took turns reading the pages-I can hardly believe that she can read as well as she can.  It is amazing how quick they pick things up.  During out story, Graham fell asleep in my lap.
  • Reagan and Anderson finished their graph and ate their goldfish snack and put on their outside clothes and headed out.  I woke Campbell up and she had some goldfish and then it took me 20 minutes to get Graham stirring.  But I finally had everyone outside.
  • We worked for a bit moving a few roots, raking and picking up sticks.  The kids played but mostly followed us.  We hung up Keaton's baby swing and she enjoyed swinging in it.   And then the dump truck man came-a real dump truck dumping a whole load of sand.  This was the highlight of the day for the boys.  All the kids just stood there mesmerized by this.  Until the back of the dump truck slammed closed scaring the dickens out of Graham and Campbell.  Robby and I thought this was pretty funny but a few minutes later, his tractor backfired and we both were scared silly (he thought he had been shot and I thought I was going to have to change my pants!)
  • After their tractor ride, Robby ran to the gas station to pick up hot dog buns and I hosed off the kids.  When he came back, everyone was dressed, Keaton was eating and most everything was laid out for supper.  The kids pretty much devoured supper and then we made smoothies which were also devoured.
  • They read a few books in the schoolroom while Robby washed Keaton and then it was bedtime.  Graham was the only one that we heard from after we put them to bed.  He said that he needed a shirt and it was pretty chilly up there tonight (we had to turn on the air but just a few minutes of the air is plenty because it just gets cold quick)

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