2013 Resolutions

I know you were anxiously awaiting the Dennie family resolutions.  Here they are:
Robby's resolutions:
1. Not drink coke for 80 days.
2. Weigh less than 200 pounds at some point.
3. Go on outings with each child two times during the year.
Tara's resolutions:
1. Weigh less than I do now.  (Surely this one can be accomplished since I am 26 weeks pregnant now)
2. Less ipad/phone/movie time for the kids.  I know that seems like one for them but really all of that is my responsibility.
3. Finish baby 6's Christmas stocking in time for Christmas.
Reagan's resolutions:
1. Learn to swim.
2. Go shopping with Nonna.
3. Get her ears pierced "maybe."
Anderson's resolutions:
1. Learn to ride a bike.
2. Go to Disneyland.
3. Play putt-putt.
Graham's resolutions:
1. Drink more coke. (Seriously, that was his.  He overheard Robby's drinking less coke resolution.)
2. Learn to ride a bike.
3. Count to 100.
4. Learn to swim.
Campbell's resolutions:
1. No more pull-ups.
2. Know her ABCs and all of their sounds.
3. Go on a trip.
4. Ride on an airplane.
Keaton's resolutions:
1. Talk more.
2. Know her ABCs.
3. Sleep in a room with all the big kids.

And just for grins, here is our resolutions from 2012.  I have also added if they were achieved or not-this is where the grins come in!

2012 Resolutions and their results:
1. By May, weigh less than 200 pounds. (failed)
2. By December, weigh less than 185. (failed)
3. Read 6 books. (failed-he did start off reading some though)
4. Get all of our pictures updated on the blog. (failed)
1. Do something from Pinterest each month. (probably achieved)
2. Floss. (achieved then failed)
3. Read 1000 pages to each child. (achieved)
4. Weigh less than I do now. (cut me some slack-I am 26 weeks pregnant!)
1. Go to the fair. (failed-going to the saline county one this year)
2. Go on another trip. (achieved)
3. Learn to swim. (failed-swimming lessons for all are happening this spring)
4. Have more American girl doll clothes. (achieved)
1. Go bowling. (failed-the plan was to go for Campbell's birthday but the weather messed us up)
2. Play putt-putt. (failed-surely we will this year)
3. Learn to swim. (failed-swimming lessons this spring)
1. Learn to swim. (failed-swimming lessons this spring)
2. Not wear pull ups at night. (achieved-thank God)
3. Learn to ride without training wheels. (failed-hopefully this spring too)
1. Sleep in a big girl bed. (failed-she can but why move her out of her crib just yet.  The plan is February when that will happen)
2. Wear big girl underwear. (achieved-we can for most of the day)
3. Give up her paci. (achieved)
1. Have a first birthday party. (achieved)
2. Learn to walk. (achieved)
3. Sleep somewhere other than Mom and Dad's closet. (achieved-only if sleeping in the school room counts)