December 14, 2012

A room full of Santas!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Even with Campbell sleeping in our room last night, it was a restful night.  She had to be moved to our room after her coughing caused Reagan to start crying because she couldn't get her to be quiet.  Oh the drama that happens upstairs some nights.  We rubbed Campbell down with vapor rub and made her a pallet and she slept pretty well.  
  • It was well after 8 before anyone stirred this morning.  Robby tried to scurry out the door but when Andeson asked about his helicopter, Robby made time to show off everything that he had learned last night.  Not real sure whose present the helicopter really is!
  • After telling Robby good bye, we woke Keaton and Reagan up to start the day.  We had breakfast while reviewing our awana verses and then moved to the school room for Reagan and Anderson to do their phonics and math.  They only finished one of those subjects each so during the girls nap that finished up.
  • We had a little Christmas party at Kennedy's house.  We made a few crafts-a santa beard and a santa head picture.  We even played a few games-Christmas bingo, decorating a tree with M&Ms, and a snowball toss that turned into a snowball fight.  Back to the santa beards-Keaton was not pleased at all about wearing hers or maybe she was upset about having to sit near a Santa (Anderson) again.
  • We had brought hot dogs and dessert for the kids.  After lunch, they all ended up outside since the weather was pretty perfect today.  By time to go home, Keaton who had been acting clingy/fussy all morning was ready to go and she had a bit of fever as well.  So as soon as we were home, Keaton and Campbell were put to bed.
  • The others played with legos for awhile and soon Robby was home.  Then everyone headed outside to fly that helicopter-there were a few crash landings but the copter never got stuck in the tree.  They played until the batteries ran down so we came in for supper.
  • Then we worked on putting together our gingerbread houses.  Last year we had bought one for each kid and thought we would just put them together today and decorate tomorrow.  Man, we didn't think we were going to get those suckers together.  I almost had to break out the glue gun.  As of right now, they are holding-only one is leaning-actually leaning so much that it looks like a haunted house!
  • Keaton was already in bed and we were tucking the others in.  We had told Campbell to go potty as we kissed Reagan, Anderson and Graham.  When Campbell came out of the bathroom, her hair was all wet.  We hadn't heard water running so Robby's first thought was that she had wet her hair in the potty.  He made her show him exactly how her hair got wet so we could know if we needed to really wash her hair.  Thankfully, she only used the water from the sink, so she was sent to bed with wet hair.  She takes after the Dennie side of the family.