December 24, 2012-Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve!
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  • The first thing that we did this morning was threaten to take away the kids presents.  Ha!  It was just that kind of morning.  Soon though everyone was calm (us included) and we had breakfast.  The kids worked on messing up the house while Robby and I worked on straightening the house.  
  • I had neglected to finish my grandparents gift and Robby needed to get a new bin for our Christmas tree so we went to Walmart.  We figured that there wouldn't be too many people there on Christmas eve.  Actually, we were surprised that the crowds were manageable.  The kids stayed pretty close to us and even managed to earn a movie for the afternoon.
  • Robby picked up lunch on the way home.  After eating we pulled Santa and got caught up on all of our countdowns-verses, Snoopy, What God wants for Christmas, Santa and the one above Graham's bed-a total of 5-no wonder we could not keep up this year.  Oh yes, my favorite part of this event was when Robby was reading a verse in the Bible about the wise men bring Jesus gold...and then suddenly he was interrupted by Anderson who added "and Frankensteins."  Yes, the poor child thinks the wise men brought Frankensteins to baby Jesus.    
  • After lunch, Keaton had a nap and the others watched their movie while Robby and I worked on our Branson picture book.  After finishing the book, Robby and I headed outside to cut his hair-doesn't everyone do that on Christmas eve?  Campbell did manage to fall asleep right at the end of the movie.  
  • Everyone changed into their evening clothes and we headed off to church for the Christmas eve service.  We started off with Keaton in church and she did last about 20 minutes which was more than we expected.  But once she became too restless I hauled her little self off to class-but the way that she ran (yes, ran) into her class I think she was happier in there anyway.  
  • My favorite part of the service was the end when everyone sang Silent Night and we all lighted candles.  Anderson and Graham had sat patiently through the entire service with their candles in their lap waiting for this to happen.  Reagan was thrilled to not only know Silent Night but hold her own candle.  I was with Campbell and we held her candle together until she decided that she could do it on her own.  This was during the part that everyone raised their candles above their heads-she managed fine and I managed fine as well without have a nervous convulsion as my 3 year old waved a burning candle above my head and her head.
  • We then loaded up and went to Nonna and Pops' house.  Jason was working the second service and Pops had gone to fetch Beebee and Papaw for the evening.  The kids did really well.  Reagan diligently worked on moving every toy out of the way when Beebee and Papaw arrived.  And Anderson, who was seated in his rocking chair, said "glad you could make it tonight" to both Beebee and Papaw.  
  • Nonna had a massive supper prepared.  The kids did fairly well eating-Campbell was our ornery-est child tonight (not really unusual) but Beebee and Papaw enjoyed watching her so we let it slide.  After supper it was dessert time and then presents-lots and lots and lots of presents.  The kids all passed out presents-Reagan and Anderson reading many of the names.  Keaton really wanted in on the action so she just picked up one of her presents and walked around the room handing it to people.
  • We opened and opened and opened.  The boys got alot of the same gifts-binoculars, pirate ships to build, tractors, bow and arrows and marshmallow guns (Reagan was given one as well).  Those marshmallow guns were the hit-thank God no one aimed one at Papaw who was by then snoozing on the couch.  Reagan was the most thrilled with the glasses for her American girl doll, Campbell was really happy to get a new blanket and shopping cart.  My Keaton was just happy watching all of the commotion and playing baby with Campbell.  She really loved pushing around her new stroller.  
  • Soon after presents we loaded up and it was a good thing we had the big van.  We had to get home because Santa will come early in the morning (currently Santa is still working in his workshop).   The kids all put on their pajamas and then we made reindeer food.  I was scrambling for this and actually hoping no one would mention it.  But alas it was brought up so our reindeer will be eating chocolate chips, sunflower seeds and sprinkles-next year I am going to buy a carrot.  The kids put on milk and cookies for Santa and then headed to bed.  
  • As we were putting on the cookies, Robby told Campbell that they were for Santa.  She said "he's coming here?"  She really doesn't have a clue about Santa yet but she has kept asking about when she is going to get her baby doll.  I think the kids went to bed fairly well.  I didn't really hear them much on the monitor.  Though when I was in the living room working I heard a kerplunk-Graham falling out of bed.  I rushed up there so he wouldn't come downstairs to join our bed.  He was still sound asleep and probably could have slept their all night long.  
  • As soon as they went to bed, Robby and I started working.  We unloaded the van and I placed everything upstairs.  I like to display all the presents before we find their permanent homes.  My Reagan does the same thing.   I had already wrapped most presents and laid everything under the tree.  And Robby worked on a big gift-note to self, always charge the drill before Christmas eve.  
  • I know the kids will be up early in the morning (hopefully not too early).  The grandparents are all coming over for breakfast (crossing my fingers that  my cinnamon rolls are good-or at least edible) and then lunch at Aunt Dana's house.  So far is has been a wonderful Christmas eve and now I am crossing my fingers for snow and for our lights to not go out.