December 9, 2012

Celebrating #6 at Nonna & Pops
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  • So last night when Robby went to check on the kids sleeping upstairs, he covered up most of them and then went to make sure Cash was covered up.  He wasn't in the top bunk where he had been when we tucked them in (and the multiple times we went upstairs to tell them to hush) and he wasn't in the bathroom.  Robby was starting to worry when he saw a tiny bit of him sticking out between Anderson and the edge of his bed.  Apparently they spent most of the night like that-we were a tad bit worried that my Anderson was going to smother Cashy.
  • We made it to church on time.  Cash went to class with Anderson and soon after it started, Ms. Aleta came to get Anderson.  He helped carry a printer across the stage to give to Ms. Olevia.  Anderson wasn't real sure he wanted to do this but we never asked or listened when he complained.  I think he enjoyed it and he was pretty pleased with himself.
  • During church, Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Cash all did perfect.  They even went to the front when the preacher talked to the kids about what the sermon was going to be about.  During the preachers short talk to the kids, Robby and I were briefly afraid that he was going to say something silly about Santa not being real.  
  • After church, we picked up Keaton and Campbell and headed down the steps to the car.  Anderson had already opened the door and most of us were down the steps when Robby realized we were one child short-Campbell!  He tried to open the stairway door but it was locked.  Thankfully someone was opening it at the same time.  We waited there for a few minutes but no Robby or Campbell.  So I thought I better walk to the van in case she came out the other door.  Robby heard she was walking down the hallway smiling and finally found her at the fish tank with another mom.  By this time she had realized that she couldn't find us and was upset.  I guess there is no better place than church to lose a child but man we felt awful.  She does now enjoy telling about Daddy leaving her at church.
  • We had Sunday lunch at Nonna and Pops.  And she also had a birthday cake for Anderson.  On top, Nonna had put candles that relight on top of the cake.  But did briefly discuss if it was a good thought to have the boy with asthma try to blow out the candles that relight.
  • Dana came to pick up Cash and then we all headed home as well.  We put Keaton down for a nap and the other kids watched a movie.  I snuggled with Campbell and we both fell asleep but by 3:30 it was time to start moving.  Everyone had to put clothes back on and us load up to head to church.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham practiced in the sanctuary and then they caroled in the foyer.  Next up, they sang in big church.  The kids did really well-Reagan of course was a perfect doll up there.  Anderson knew all of the words and sang his heart out.  And my Graham was already looking tired from the day but he also sang and stood perfectly still.  Couldn't be prouder!
  • Next up was cookies and cake for Ms. Olevia's party.  We counted the crackers on the way to church along with the cookies after church as the kids supper.  They topped it off with milk at home and then everyone was sent to bed.  Anderson can hardly sleep because I told him that we would play some of games from his birthday-he is so excited about that.