December 21, 2012-Happy Birthday Campbell!

Night Out at Garvan Gardens!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The boys were the first ones downstairs but Campbell was hot on their heels.  Even though we had told her that today would be her birthday, she really didn't remember.  Robby told her and she just grinned from ear to ear.  
  • After a few minutes in our bed, it was time for everyone to get their clothes on because we had birthday doughnuts to go and eat.  We were at Krispy Kreme by 8-pretty good for us.  They all picked out their favorite doughnut.  We put a candle on the top of Campbell's doughnut and sang Happy Birthday to her.  That child was so happy, so happy in fact that we could probably just cancel her birthday and she would be content.
  • Oh this was an interesting tidbit about our doughnut run: as we pulled into the parking lot, Reagan shouted "I forgot my shoes."  Lately I have been asking everyone if they put on their "school" shoes or "church" shoes when I climb in the car.  But I guess I should start asking if everyone has on "shoes."  We do spend quite a bit of time in the garage without our shoes so I guess it is a bit natural to just climb on in the car without shoes.  Actually, I have done it before but thankfully noticed when I put my foot on the brake pedal.
  • We made it home and worked on school for a bit.  The kids did really well during school today.  Anderson was a bit distracted and Reagan did go blank on how to do half of her math but overall, it was still a good morning. 
  • After they finished school, we went upstairs to start picking up and then worked on downstairs.  When the kids are willing to help, they really can get things done.  I was spouting out jobs for everyone as fast as I could (dust this room, put this in the laundry basket, find this in the freezer....).  Pretty much, we picked up/lightly cleaned the house in about an hour (except for the kitchen).  This kids will do anything to get ready for a birthday party-good thing we have parties around here quite often!
  • We then had lunch-at lunch Anderson said that he wasn't leaving the table until Nonna and Pops showed up with dessert.  He eventually gave up on them but before long they did arrive with birthday cookies for Campbell.  
  • Pops played with the kids while I put Nonna to work on my kitchen.  The kids spent time playing but also kept appearing back in the kitchen to grab some more cookies.  After they left, I put the girls to bed and the others played on the ipad for a bit and then watched a movie.  Meanwhile, I scurried around the house working on birthday party stuff some more.  
  • Before too long, Robby was home and it was time to start loading up for our night of lights.  Not only was it the night of lights it was the night to test out our van-14 passengers.  The kids were packed in the back of the van like sardines but no one seemed to mind.  And let me tell you it was a grand time-movies, hot chocolate, snacks and lots of good conversation.  
  • We walked around Garvan Gardens for awhile.  Reagan enjoyed being around Anna and they had a good time with each other.  Anderson and Graham liked hanging with Brett and they spent most of their time trying to walk ahead of our group.  Campbell really liked the lights and enjoyed having different people push her in the stroller.  And Keaton was fine for the first few minutes in her stroller-she was stuffed in their with her big heavy coat on.  She really liked it when we let her down to walk!  
  • Next up was supper at Newks.  We pretty much filled the place with our van and the other one.  Robby splurged and ordered the kids their own food.  I don't know how much they really ate but we sure devoured our food.  
  • Back at home, everyone came in for a few minutes before heading home.  It was after 10 and my kids were exhausted.  It didn't take any time for them to conk out once their heads hit the pillows.  We then scurried around to get a few last things ready before finding our seats on the couch before the big day tomorrow!