December 28, 2012-Day 4 without Power!

Snowball Fight!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • We all slept wonderfully and warmly last night in the bonus room.  I even got hot in the middle of the night!  I think I may grow up to be a generator spokesperson.  Anderson was the first to crawl onto my side of the couch, followed by Graham and then Reagan.  We were making enough noise that we woke Keaton up but she was just sitting happily in her bed waiting on us to get her.  Actually, she was probably looking around wondering "what closet do they have me in tonight?"
  • Pretty early this morning-well, I guess it was pretty early.  I have lost all track of time without clocks around nor can I keep up with what day it is.  Anyway, pretty early Robby set Anderson up with his race car video game downstairs and Robby grabbed our laundry and left the house.  While he was gone, I put away a few Christmas presents, cleaned the fridge (an empty fridge is kind of yucky), put up some clean laundry that was hidden away in the dryers and tried to straighten up a few things.  
  • The kids had a blast playing on the race car game.  Campbell even played and was patient with everyone else when they tried to tell her how to do it.  Keaton spent most of her time climbing in and out of the black chair or crawling around behind it.  I would run and do a few things then check on them and run back into the cold house.  
  • After a while I had had enough and was pretty chilly.  The kids never seem to get cold-they were up in the toy room today playing despite the 48 temperature.  I had planned on helping them clean it up but that wasn't happening.  So I herded everyone upstairs to the bonus room oasis to play.  First we played Minnie bingo, then we worked two of the boys puzzles, then 3 of Campbell's puzzles.  And by then Robby made it back home.
  • His first stop was to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa.  He even said that he thought he could see his breath in their house.  Then they headed across town to do some laundry.  While Grannymom and Grandpa waited at the laundry may, Robby ran a few errands.  He bought generator gas, looked for batteries (no Ds anywhere), looked for propane tanks (out of those too) but he did find some breakfast foods and Chinese food for lunch.  So I would consider his trip a success-clean laundry and Chinese food.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were happy to be able to take their coats off in our house.  After they unpacked and Robby worked on the generator some then it was time for lunch.  Warm food just feels good when the house is coldish.  When the kids finished eating, they finished watching Annie.  Campbell really liked the movie and even asked to watch it again tonight.  
  • Then we spent the afternoon, working on Graham, Reagan and Campbell's sticker mosaics, playing cars and building roads with blocks, painting fingernails and taking baths.  Actually those last two happened after everyone got bundled up to go outside.  When we started getting bundled it wasn't raining but by the time we made it outside it was slightly misting.  
  • The kids didn't mind the mist and played pretty hard.  Anderson was delighted to be able to ride his Santa present-scooter.  Graham was just as pleased about riding his and they were both pretty good at it.  Reagan has convinced herself that she can only ride hers in the kitchen and never touched hers today-though who could blame her since part of the driveway is still icy.  Reagan did however, spend her time working on a snowman.  I didn't wear my gloves so unfortunately I wasn't able to help (hate that, really hate that!-not really).  
  • Campbell, Keaton and Grannymom were the first ones to go inside-well, I was already in myself though.  Before too long, everyone followed and the baths started.  Campbell and Graham were first and then Keaton took Graham's spot.  Next was Anderson followed by Reagan.  Graham was so excited about opening up his new washcloth that expands in the bath tub today.  And Campbell was not happy at all about Santa not giving her one-Santa tries to be equal about these things but when the dollar store only has boy ones then Santa has to put something else in the girls stockings.  
  • After baths, the kids played a few rounds of air hockey and ping pong and before too long, Grannymom had finished making chili and Nonna, Pops and Jason arrived for supper.  Our power may be out but we are just having one big party here.  Keaton is loving all of the attention that she is getting from everyone! After supper, Robby turned on a strange (yet kid friendly-ish) movie from redbox.  Then he and I ran downstairs to work on some of the laundry and get our room ready for Grannymom and Grandpa.  We changed our sheets to flannel sheets and Robby plugged up a heater to keep that area warm since it isn't part of the addition's heat. 
  • After Nonna, Pops and Jason left (all carrying their flashlights), Robby hooked up the hot water thing and I jumped in the shower.  I love my shower-might have been the best 5 minutes of the day.  Oh, who am I kidding, I was in there for a lot longer than 5 minutes.  By the time I emerged, the movie was over and we stared bedding down the kids.  
  • The kids are getting to take turns sleeping under the table-tonight is Reagan's turn.  This is big time stuff at our house-who is getting to sleep under the table tonight?  Campbell and Anderson are next and I am hoping that neither get their turn!  But we are pretty well set if it does take that long.
  • It looks like our Dallas trip has been postponed.  No worries on that though, hopefully we can all go the weekend after my birthday.  By that time, all lights should be on and we will have had enough time to wrap up these generator cords and repack my fridge.  
  • Again tonight, the kids were all tired.  This sitting around not really doing anything is pretty tiring for them and for us!  We will all sleep well tonight.