December 10, 2012

Family Game Night: Anderson's new Headbanz game!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • We waited until the last possible minute to wake up the kids this morning.  And they were completely out-I sang, opened doors, turned on lights, talked, laid out clothes, uncovered everyone and still no movement.  After a few more minutes of all of this, they did start stirring.  Everyone was in a decent mood for being so asleep.  
  • Robby passed out breakfast while I had my shower and soon we loaded up and headed to Nonna's house to drop off Reagan, Anderson, Keaton and Campbell.  Then I took Graham to school, went to my work office, Kroger, Walmart, to see my work kid and then to the library before picking Graham back up from school.
  • Graham had a big day at school.  He was so excited that he had homework to do-find 6 of something to bring to school to show the class.  They played outside today and he told me that he needed his gloves tomorrow.  But the thing he kept telling me on he way home was that he was hungry!
  • Back at Nonna's house the others had a busy morning.  Keaton had a nap.  Campbell had a bath, her hair done and all of her nails painted.  Campbell desperately wanted Keaton to take a bath with her-but Keaton would walk in the bathroom, look at Campbell and then run away.  Anderson and Reagan did their phonics work, colored and enjoyed watching a bit of tv.
  • Graham and I had lunch their with everyone else and then we loaded up to head home.  I drove a bit before realizing I didn't have my phone up front with me.  I asked Reagan to get up and look in the diaper bag-she couldn't find it.  So I decided to return to Nonna's house to see if I left it there.  I was driving the big van so I had to drive a few more miles before being able to turn around (we still weren't  too far away though). 
  • At Pops' I got out and looked in the car again before going inside to look.  My phone wasn't in their house (I had had it there).  So we went back out to the car to look some more-of course I had groceries, heavy coats, light coats, diaper bags, my work bag and gobs of other stuff on all of the seats.  Finally Pops went into call my phone and I just waited by the van.  Then I looked at Keaton-holding something and jabbering away-my phone!  The diaper bag was sitting right beside her and she just reached in and grabbed it.  
  • At home, the kids helped me unload the car and then played for a few minutes before Campbell and Keaton's bedtime.  Then we started school-we had to watch Reagan and Anderson's math videos and I gave Graham the choice to watch the movie with us or take a nap in the bonus room.  He was not pleased with my offerings so I chose for him-nap on the bonus room couch until school was over.  So he was screaming, Campbell didn't want to go to sleep and was screaming and Keaton had finished her milk and was also screaming.  I calmed down Campbell, Keaton went on to sleep and Graham just kept on screaming (until he stared spying on us during school-which I ignored).  
  • This afternoon Anderson was completely finished with school before Reagan was finished with her first thing.  Math stumped her today.  She is working on adding two two digit numbers (13+41) but first she has to round those numbers to the nearest tens place (10+40).  The adding was fine but the rounding-eek!  There was blood, sweat and tears!  When Reagan decided that she doesn't understand something then she is unwilling to try.  We will press on with more of the same tomorrow and the next day.  So hopefully tomorrow will be easier-I can't take much worse!
  • After school, I did a few chores and seventeen loads of laundry (we are slackers on the weekend and it catches up with us on Mondays).  By then everyone was up and we put together one of Anderson's new legos and then straightened the house.  Robby came home and put batteries in Anderson's car track.  This provided much entertainment before and after supper.
  • Poor Campbell didn't eat a thing and couldn't even be bribed with a cupcake.  She was pretty pitiful all evening (though she did perk up a bit later for a few minutes).  She has fever but will hopefully sleep well and feel better in the morning.
  • Next up was a family game of head bandz.  The kids really loved it-the box said for ages 7+ but with our few rule modifications, Graham was even able to play.  Campbell even had a turn and was so happy when she guessed the right answer-this did perk her up.  Keaton just ran around the table while we played.  She was watching all of the action take place.  The game was a winner in our books and will definitely be played soon around here.
  • Then it was bedtime and all the kids did really well.  We told them to be quiet for Campbell so she could go to sleep and I guess everyone listened!