Christmas Ornament Countdown: Merry Christmas

This is truly the ornament that started it all-Philadelphia.  We had gotten an ornament while on our Honeymoon but once we had the second one our little collection of over 170 travel ornaments began.  We now do not even have room to put them on our tree (Tomorrow, I will be out looking for a bigger tree.)  We first visited Philadelphia on our first wedding anniversary.  Our plan was to pull out a state each year and that would be the state that we went to for our big trip that year and then after 50 years of marriage we would have been to them all.  It actually only took us 8 years to make it to all 50 and now we are carting 5 (almost 6) kids around the country so they can complete their 50 states as well.

We were so young when we were in Philadelphia-Robby couldn't even rent a car!  We had to walk and walk and walk all over that town.  We even thought that this was a long trip-2 nights!  It was loads of fun and as we were headed to the airport, I stopped at a little shop and found this ornament (it was a Sunday so I was very fortunate to find anything).  I actually couldn't believe it when I looked for this link and it worked so here is the link from our 2001 Philadelphia trip.  Merry Christmas!