December 5, 2012

Big Night in Sparks for Anderson!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Pretty ordinary night and morning around here.  The kids played while I had my shower after Robby left.  Keaton did join everyone in the bonus room-Reagan was watching her on the stairs.  After I heard all of that commotion happening, I quickly rinsed off and jumped out.  By that time, all were in the bonus room with the door closed.  So I took my time getting ready (and yes, we did put on real clothes today).
  • Everyone was home all day (well, until this afternoon) and these are the days that I love.  We did our school.  This month I am just reviewing all of their spelling words and Reagan and Anderson think it is so funny that they are so "easy" since I am starting at the beginning of the book and working our way through where we are currently.  
  • Graham worked on his "kindergarten" work today.  I know I have mentioned it before but I purchased the phonics book that are a precursor to Anderson's kindergarten phonics. Reagan and Anderson didn't need them but since Graham will be so young, I thought it wouldn't hurt.  It takes things pretty slow but he needs that now.  I have to help him with the worksheets but he just thinks he is something else doing "kindergarten" work.  And today, I even pulled out a smiley face stamp-made his day.
  • After school, Keaton napped and we read a few books.  Then everyone played Legos while I straightened a closet.  Soon it was lunch time and we all had soup for lunch.  Anderson couldn't get enough of the broth while Keaton couldn't get enough noodles.  Eventually, everyone was fullish so we  left the kitchen and ended up playing a few rounds of Candyland Castle in the mud room while Keaton worked on making her stroller go up and down the step in the mud room. 
  • Soon it was nap time for the girls and of course neither of them slept today but I pressed on and was able to get a few things finished before getting them up.  This did help us getting to Beebee and Papaw's place a bite early.  
  • On the way, we were listening to a cd from church and I was telling the kids it was Bro. Jon singing.  Anderson said "Bro. Jon-that is funny.  I am Bro. Jon. (said in a deep voice)"  Then Graham piped up with "I am Bro. Graham."  Continuing to listen to the CD, Keaton just sang her little heart out along with my singer in the back row, Reagan. 
  • Another mile down the road, we came upon a fairly large Christmas display and Anderson shouted "well, they've overdone it."  Another funny thing lately that has been happening in the van is Campbell helping me drive.  I was at a red light and made a left turn so from her point of view it looked as if the other cars were going to run right in to us-more specifically run right into her side of the van.  She started shouting "whoa, whoa" at me.  My little back seat driver!
  • We saw Beebee and Papaw this afternoon.  The kids were pretty good-Anderson was a bit disrespectful to me and quickly got into trouble.  Then he cried to me "I don't like coming here, I always get into trouble here."  Poor thing, I will have to be a bit lax on him next time
  • Maybe he was thinking of all of that as we were driving in the car and said "I wonder if Santa is just a legend."  I don't really know if he knows exactly what a legend is but I think he is a bit too young not to be believing in Santa.  I was quickly trying to come up with a reply when the subject quickly changed.  
  • We made it to church a few minutes early.  We are usually still in the parking lot at 5:45 and I have to bolt in to drop everyone off and get to my post but today we had a few more minutes which was refreshing.  
  • I observed Graham standing in line being quiet and still.  Reagan is almost finished with the review of her book and Anderson (who I never thought would finish his book) finished his book tonight.  He thinks that he was the first one in his class to finish his books-two kids came up to him and said that wasn't fair that he finished and that they wanted to finish too.  Good for my boy!  
  • Reagan is spending the night with Kennedy and was hoping to get a shake on the way home.  We will have to see if she convinced them to buy her one.  Tomorrow is a busy day around here so everyone was put to bed in a hurry after church.