December 15, 2012

Doing a little decorating!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Since this morning was Saturday, the kids were up fairly early.  But they pretty much hung out in our room quietly until well after 8-pretty perfect Saturday morning.  Robby made the kids breakfast while I had a shower.  
  • Around 10, Robby started getting ready to leave and the plan was for me to join them for their day of shopping.  I was feeling pretty puny though-I think that I had held Keaton too much yesterday and my stomach was killing me.  And I also had a touch of the kids fever so Robby and the kids headed off without me.
  • They were gone from 10:30 to until almost 6-In the last 7 years, I have never been alone that long-it was kind of strange.  I pretty much slept the entire time, only leaving the couch to get something to eat or go to the bathroom.  And after all of that, I am feeling much, much better.
  • The first stop for Robby and the kids was Burger King.  They ate a bit of lunch there and then headed on to Kroger to pick up a few items.  Next up was Grannymom's house to hang out for a bit.  They flew Anderson's helicopter there and by that time, Anderson had come down with the strange, yet short, Dennie fever.  He had a nap and then felt quite a bit better.  
  • When they left Grannymom's house, Robby stopped by Sam's to buy 8 gallons for milk and then on to another Burger King to eat supper.  Robby is much braver than I am-I rarely take all of the kids anywhere by myself.  I might should step it up a little bit!  He said that they were all very good and when they came home, everyone asked if I felt better or had a good nap.
  • At home, I had their gingerbread house making candy all ready along with the icing.  The kids did really well decorating their houses-even Campbell did pretty much everything by herself.  Anderson did press a bit too hard on his house and it came crashing down.  Robby was able to patch it back together.  Anderson was able to work on his roof and some other pieces but will have to finish his tomorrow.  I did save everyone's candy so they all can add a bit tomorrow. 
  • They really enjoyed it but Reagan took the most time and could have worked for even longer.  I had a cookie ready for Keaton to decorate and eat while the others worked.  She ate the sprinkles, licked the icing and then saw a coke on the cabinet and decided that is what she wanted instead...she fussed about the coke a bit too long and was put to bed for the evening.
  • The rest of us finished our houses and then cleaned up.  Then we all headed to the bonus room to watch the Smurf movie.  That sectional couch up there is really getting a workout-love it though because we can all pretty much fit on it.  We weren't able to make it through all of the  movie so we will have to finish tomorrow.
  • Then it was bedtime for all of my Dennie crew-hopefully we will all feel much better tomorrow!