December 18, 2012

Helicopter Time with Dad!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • So I was a bit feverish again last night and forgot a few things in my blog (yes, low fever again, sore throat but didn't feel bad).  Robby sent me a box of pears from Harry and David for my Christmas.  Seriously, they are the best pears ever-the juice just drips down your arm.  We made everyone try some-Campbell and Anderson weren't too pleased with them and barely choked them down.  Robby even tried a bite-but didn't ask for another piece.  I am sure that Robby was silently gagging as well-the things you do for your kids.
  • Also at supper last night, we were having a chickeny pasta dish.  It was basically glorified mac and cheese with some chicken in it so it was required that everyone ate all that was in their bowl.  Don't feel sorry for them it was like 5 bites.  Campbell gagged and coughed with every bite.  I could hardly keep from gagging myself-dinner at our house is always so exciting!
  • Back to today, Graham was the first one up after 7:30.  He was trying to tell the others that it was already seven and they could get up.  Finally, Reagan told him "I sleep until 8."  That's my girl!
  • Robby was off today and took Graham to school and then ran for his yearly checkup.  He passed!  Meanwhile, we had breakfast here and started school.  Last night, I had bragged to Robby that Anderson was doing really well in his phonics-able to independently work on it with little distraction.  Ha!  I sure ate my words today-that child was so distracted that he couldn't even keep his feet under his desk. 
  • Soon Robby was back and we were nearly finished with school (this is the week before our winter break).  Anderson did read some of his reading book to Robby and did a great job.  Then Robby gave me another lesson on how to work our computer/tv in the school room.  And that is when it happened-Anderson saw The Price is Right on the tv.  He was beside himself to think that we had that show on our tv.  He apparently thought it was only at Grandpa's house.  Like he was so crazy about it that I told him I would look for reruns on netflix or maybe he should think of having a Price is Right birthday party next year.  
  • Before too long, I put Keaton down for her morning nap which was a big mistake because she never went to sleep for Robby this afternoon.  Campbell helped me organize some papers, restock toilet paper in all of the bathrooms and fold laundry while Reagan and Anderson finished their game show.
  • We mostly had fruit for lunch and then after playing for awhile, I snuck out to go to the book sale in Maumelle.  I think that Thursday is the last day so the part where you can fill a box for 25 bucks was pretty picked over and mostly big kid stuff but I did find a few little things.  Then fought the traffic and all of the crazy people at the grocery store to buy stuff for Campbell's birthday party.  Seriously, the store was insane-by the time I left I was wondering how much online grocery store shopping I could really do.
  • I then picked up Graham from Grannymom's house.  He was overjoyed and simply beside himself to see me.  Ha!  After Grannymom's helped by bribing him with some gum then he was pretty happy to go home with me.  By the time we made it home, he was perfectly happy and made his way upstairs to play with everyone else.  
  • I unloaded the groceries and made supper while the others played.  Then we ate, the kids played legos, musical chairs (I was the radio), put on pajamas, did our Christmas countdown stuff and finally played and played with the helicopter.  It was lots of fun until the copter crashed on poor Campbell and wrapped around her hair.  She quickly calmed when she was offered the next turn of flying it.  
  • Then it was bedtime for everyone-well, except for us.  We made a yummy recipe and are about to try it!