December 11, 2012

Celebrating at Larry's!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The kids go from sleeping late to waking up early and that is just what they did today.  Graham had school so he opted to play and eat breakfast in the car with Robby on the way.  The rest of us had breakfast and finished a Magic Tree House book before starting school.
  • Oh, yes, Campbell woke up feeling fine and dandy.  She slept all night after her pretty puny evening last night.  Strangest thing-no more fever, nothing, just plain ole Campbell.  Actually she had a really good day and was in a great mood all day long.  Keaton was as well.  I believe that Keaton is going to be our clown.  She just smiles, nods her head, shakes her head and loves playing with the other kids (being the center of their attention).  
  • I made Reagan a number line for math and it all clicked with her so school was a breeze today for all of us.  And Anderson's reading really seems to be clicking as well.  And since they were doing so well, Campbell and I sat down and worked on the letters in her name with the magnet board.  We worked and worked and then she said "now I am going to spell my other name, go away."  So then she worked on spelling her other name-she lined up letter after letter.  Fine by me, she was keeping herself busy.
  • And speaking of names....for the last few days, I will overhear the kids say "I am Jon Skelley" when they are playing together.  Usually it is a lego man talking to another lego man but sometimes it is just when they are in the hall.  They know who Jon is but still it is just odd.
  • Also with names around here...When Campbell was smaller, Robby and I would call her CC often.  Well, that habit has been hard to break except we have stopped calling her that and will occasionally (really pretty often) call Keaton by CC or even C.  We usually correct ourselves when we do this but today I heard Campbell had now started calling Keaton "CC."
  • Keaton took her morning nap which I think she is going to have to soon give up.  If she takes a morning nap she fusses often during her afternoon nap and isn't really tired.  But if she doesn't take a morning nap then she is too tired to sleep during her afternoon naps.  So I am in a dilemma of what to do.
  • We did open up a few more of Anderson's birthday presents.  We made one of his lego cars from a kit that has a bunch of projects in it.  This car had a rubber band in it and you wind it up and it goes.  Then we moved onto his snap circuits and made a light to turn on and off, a fan to turn on and off and then sound that we could turn on and off.  It seems like he quickly went from little boy toys to toys that are more complicated than I want!  Seriously, the next thing he wants to make with his circuit kit is a water alarm.  That may be a Daddy project.  
  • We had lunch-I was trying to finish off a few things in the fridge-applesauce, grapes, biscuits and hot dogs.  My new mission is to never throw any food away-have you heard that commercial selling the food sealer?  It mentions how many hundreds of dollars we throw away each year (probably not accurate at all though).  Anyway, after lunch we all sat down and read.  Campbell had the hardest time remembering to look at her book quietly-well, she couldn't be quiet for anything actually.  And Anderson kept telling me that he couldn't read in his head.  But finally did get the hang of it during our read time.  
  • The girls took their afternoon nap and the others watched a movie.  I asked them what I should do-wrap presents or take a nap.  Reagan said wrap presents and Anderson suggested that I take a nap so i would have plenty of energy for Larry's pizza tonight.  So I did both-actually, I only wrapped one present.  As soon as I had everything pulled out Robby wrote needing Anderson's weight and height.  So I put everything back up to go and do that (if I don't do things immediately they just won't happen).
  • Soon it was time to wake the girls up and us head to meet Robby and Graham.  Graham had spent the afternoon at Grannymom's house.  Lilly and Cash were there as well and they all went to Rock Creek to play.  That is why Graham was so exhausted at supper.  He had a good day at school and took six candy canes for his show and tell-along with six other ones so everyone could have one.  And it turns out that they talked about candy canes as well.
  • We again celebrated Anderson's birthday at Larry's-celebrated with pizza and lots of tokens.  They all came home with some junk-I mean valuable prizes.  It was a real treat-they have been begging to go to Larry's for awhile now.  
  • While eating out, I told Campbell that it was time for her to go to the bathroom.  She was wearing her big girl panties.  She looked at me and said "I can go by myself."  Seriously, she is 2 and thinks she can go to the bathroom by herself-and probably would have if we would have let her.
  • After Larry's, Robby took my van filled with kids to get gas and I ran to Walmart to buy him some medicine for a his throat.  It hurts every night-has suggested he is allergic to me.  Then it was home-kids put on pajamas and then we caught up on our pulling Santa.  And finally it was bedtime!