December 8. 2012-Happy Birthday Anderson!

(click here for pictures from Anderson's 6th Birthday party)

(click here for pictures from our trip to see Santa)
  • Things from yesterday that I forgot to write about: We went to the Apple store while waiting on the Christmas tree to start.  All 4 big kids lined up and pushed, punched and shook those ipads as fast as they could-playing and playing games until it was time for the tree.  Reagan did decide that she was going to ask Santa for an ipad.  Robby told her that we couldn't let Santa bring her a gift like that so she was still left wondering what to ask for.
  • Also Robby has hooked up our Christmas trees to our phones so we can turn them on and off with our phones.  The kids think that magic is making this happen.  So last night when I walked into the house, I could hear Reagan upstairs yelling at their Christmas tree to turn on.  I was still downstairs but could hear her perfectly.  So I did what any good mother would do and just sat on the stairs with phone and messed with their minds for a few minutes turning the tree on and off.  
  • The first thing on our agenda this morning was going to see Santa Claus at the Clinton Library.  The kids had breakfast and then showers before getting all ready.  When I told them where we were going, Anderson told me "I hope you have us something Christmasy to wear."
  • We picked up another breakfast and Grannymom on our way and were walking towards the building when we saw Santa going in.  We were still far away and could barely see his hat walking in but this made the kids so excited.  
  • When it was our turn for Santa, everyone did very well (except Keaton but that was to be expected). Graham was very brave and went first asking for a two wheel scooter.  Anderson followed also asking for a two wheeled scooter.  Then it was the girls turn-first Reagan went and asked for a slushie maker.  Campbell was a bit skittish but did fine and even sat in Santa's lap.  She asked for pink legos and Santa asked if she wanted a baby doll as well.  Next up was Keaton's turn.  She didn't stick around in Santa's lap long enough to tell him what she wanted.  That child screamed so loud that other children started crying in fear!
  • We then had a cookie and waited for our Santa pictures.  Then we sat the kids down to take a group picture.  It only took us upwards for 100 pictures to get one or two decent ones.  Five kids are just alot to get looking at the camera at one time-imagine how much harder it will be next year.  
  • On our way home we stopped at Krispy Kreme to pick up some doughnuts for Anderson's party.  Then the kids pottied at Grannymom's house while Robby and I ran to Sams to pick up a few things.  Keaton stayed with Grannymom and Grandpa this afternoon so we were able to work a bit faster getting ready for tonight's shin dig.
  • Our first project at home was packing up our new gate to send back-torn off the wall two too many times.  Then Robby worked on the garage and then on to lots of leaf blowing.  I worked on the inside straightening and cleaning.  Thankfully, the food stuff had already been finished yesterday.  But like all of our parties, we were rushing around to the very last minute.  This is just an aside but there is nothing worse than getting ready for a birthday party-I am totally exhausted!
  • The kids spend their afternoon coloring, watching a movie and playing lots and lots of legos.  Soon it was time for our guests to start arriving and the kids put on their jerseys and red clothes.  Nonna and Pops were first, followed by Jason then Grannymom, Grandpa and Cash.  
  • The kids all stayed outside and soon the Penningtons, Nelsons, and Stotts arrived so there was quite a crew.  We had footballs out but Robby's huge leaf pile was the immediate draw.  They played so hard in there that one shoe was lost and never found (despite the 1 dollar reward offered!)  Next up was supper inside-hot dogs and all of the trimmings.  
  • Next up was a few games-a football egg toss.  Seriously, I am always surprised that the kids get so excited about a dozen eggs.  The first round was done of the driveway and after two tosses we had no winners so we moved to the grass.  That round Cash and Robby won-earning Cash the second spot in the pinata swing.  By now it was dark-Robby held the pinata, I took pictures and Jodee corralled the kids safely away.  After everyone had a turn, Robby cracked it open and poured candy out for everyone to find.
  • Then it was cake time, doughnut time and brownie time followed by presents.  I tell you, my Anderson seemed so excited about every single present.  He did rack up-car track, blanket, legos, games and the list goes on.  Everyone did have a few minutes to play before it was time to pass out party favors.  Anderson's had a wonderful 6th birthday-can't believe my boy is that big! 
  • Cash got to spend the night with us so he helped us open a few gifts before everyone headed upstairs to play some more before bedtime.  At bedtime, the kids were all wound up (of course) and we had to go upstairs a few times.  Anderson was crawling back into his bed quickly as I walked in.  He looked at me and said "you scared me, I thought you were Daddy."