December 13, 2012-Happy Birthday Anderson!

Happy 6th Birthday!!!
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  • This morning was Anderson's birthday so we celebrated by having football cookies leftover from his party for breakfast.  We are all about nutrition around here.  Actually, Anderson asked me if the cookies were healthy.  I told him no but that they were a special birthday treat.  
  • Robby took Graham to school this morning and he was so excited to bring home an ornament made by him with his picture on it.  He told me that Ms. Stacy said they could give it to their mom and dad now or wait until Christmas-that child couldn't hardly wait until we made it home.
  • Anyway, I took Anderson, Keaton and Campbell to Grannymom's house.  Then Reagan and I went shopping to buy her gift for Keaton.  I have really been having a hard time with what to buy Keaton myself and was surprised when Reagan found something.  It was a pretty perfect pick and Reagan couldn't wait to wrap it at Grannymom's house.
  • Anderson brought his circuit board to show Grandpa.  I had brought everyone math to do and Grannymom even had another project for them-making cookies.  Campbell took her time and did an excellent job painting the cookies. 
  • Robby brought lunch for everyone while I waited and waited for over an hour at my eye doctor.  (Seriously, over an hour-not even an apology!)  After eating the kids played outside for a bit and then we headed home.  
  • My van picked up Graham on the way-he was in the middle of making cookies at Nonna's house.  So   they just sent the cookies home with us to cook and decorate (I cooked them but maybe we will have time to decorate them tomorrow).  That all worked out well because we accidentally left our cookies from Grannymom at her house.
  • At home, Keaton quickly went to sleep and everyone else played in the toy room for awhile.  I was eventually going to wrap a few presents but my little helper, Campbell, was skipping her nap so I was never left alone.  I tried to sit with her so maybe we could both close our eyes for a few minutes but that never worked.
  • After awhile, we did let Anderson open up his birthday present.  Honestly, we haven't really done much for the kids birthday presents lately since we do spend a bit of money on their parties.  But all that will have to change from now on since Anderson not only received a birthday present from us-but he got a good one.  Robby found a great deal on remote control helicopters so he bought a few.  We had thought about giving them to the boys for Christmas but then what would we do when one broke?  So Anderson was giving this one.  
  • He was so excited-could hardly speak!  After trying it out inside we went outside to fly it some.  It needed to be charged so it didn't last too long.  But after a few minutes of charging, it was ready-and so was Robby.  He snuck outside to fly it for a bit-he said that he had always wanted a remote control helicopter when he was a little boy.  The kids eventually spotted him out the window and all flew outside.  The helicopter did get stuck in a tree briefly but they all shook the tree and it came down.  After putting the kids to bed, Robby spent some time flying the helicopter and is now a pro.
  • Soon Robby and the kids loaded up to go to Chick Fil A for supper while I headed to a chocolate making party.  Robby said that the kids were pretty perfect and when they came home, everyone got to take a shower all by themselves.  Campbell really wanted Keaton to take one with her so they did-and Keaton left a present in the shower for the next user!  
  • It was a pretty good birthday for Anderson and a pretty good day for the rest of us!