December 25, 2012-Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
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  • It was well after 2 when Santa and his helper went to bed and thankfully everyone slept until 7:20 when Campbell called us.  Robby told her that he would be up in a minute and seconds later, Anderson called.  Campbell shouted back at him "I already called my Daddy."
  • Robby and I scurried around downstairs getting everything ready-the tree, Keaton and ourselves- before going to get them.  They were all still in bed but as soon as we opened the door, Anderson and Graham were out of bed in a flash.  We made everyone go to the bathroom before coming downstairs and then it was a mad dash down the steps. 
  • Robby held them off at the bottom of the steps for a few seconds and I was scared that I would be trampled!  They were all so excited with their gifts and dutifully took turns opening their presents (in no order) and watched what everyone else received.  
  • Everyone had a stocking full of presents, the 4 big kids had a scooter, legos and an art kit.  Keaton only ended up with a pack n play and her gift from Reagan.  All of the kids drew names and bought presents for each other so that was one additional present to open.  They all really thought about what they wanted to buy and everyone loved their gifts from their brothers and sisters.  Also the big kids had another present from us (cupcake maker, transformers, marble track and little pet shop).  And then there was a lego storage thing, two soccer balls and soccer nets.  (3 gifts from us, 2 Santa gifts and 1 from a sibling-so why did it seem like so many?)
  • I know I say it every year but seriously, that was a lot of presents.  I even cut out a few presents and plan to cut out a few more next year-or maybe not.  They are only kids once!  Oh yes, the big Santa present that took so long for Santa was a game table upstairs.  It is a smaller version but has fooz ball, pool (hasn't been played yet-my kids with sticks is not a good idea), air hockey, table tennis and the exciting games of chess and backgammon.  They were thrilled with this as well.  
  • It is so interesting to me what the kids really get excited about.  I think Reagan's favorite gift of all is a brush that she has been using on her dolls hair.  Anderson and Graham were really pretty thrilled with gloves from their stocking.  Keaton loves her new baby doll-mainly because that is her only really present from today.  And Campbell, well, my Campbell's favorite was the candy in her stocking.
  • Before too long, Nonna, Pops, Jason, Grannymom and Grandpa all showed up for breakfast.  I had cinnamon rolls (that never really rose but were still pretty yummy) and Reagan had used her new cupcake maker to make chocolate chip muffins for everyone to enjoy.  Everyone pitched in and helped us take stuff out of the boxes and before too long, Reagan, Anderson and Graham were speeding through the kitchen.  Reagan was probably the most thrilled with the scooter because she didn't think she could do one.  The boys have so been yearning to ride outside but unfortunately the weather has not permitted us to do that.   
  • Keaton wanted to go home with Grannymom so as I was getting her clothes for her to take, Campbell informed everyone that she was going to get her clothes so she could go as well.  After she came back down and I had her potty, Grannymom had already gone outside to load up Keaton.  Poor Campbell started crying "they left me, they left me."  She is such a drama queen-after I explained that they were just in the garage did she calm down.  
  • While I was getting ready, Robby worked on a few things from his stocking-mainly his lottery tickets. When he shouted that the had one 12 dollars, the kids came running.  They wanted to know what he was doing and he explained that those were like baseball cards.  Um, kind of!
  • It was starting to drizzle when we loaded up for Christmas lunch at Dana's house.  I put in everyone's heavy coats knowing that we wouldn't use them but had them just in case.  The kids were happy to show off a few of their presents and see what Lilly and Cash had.  We had a delicious lunch but mostly did quite a bit of staring out the window at the weather.  Soon Dana's deck was covered and we could see the ice on the trees.  So we gave everyone a 5 minute warning and then soon scurried out the door.  
  • I thought then that the kids would always remember the Christmas when we left Dana's house in a hurry-little did I know what was to come the rest of the day.  On the drive home, we could tell that the trees out here were already starting to bend with the weight of the ice and Robby said "I should have bought a generator."  Now, if I would have had dollar for each time he has said that (or thought that) today I would have had enough money for a generator.  
  • After getting home, the kids played for awhile and we tried to pick up some.  But around 3:30 the inevitable happened-the lights went out.  We had already been standing at the window watching the trees sway, chunks of ice fall down and small (so far) branches come falling down.  The lights going out sent Robby and I in to high gear-we picked up what was left of the presents and put them in the bonus room where their other presents are displayed.  
  • Of course for us to do this quickly, we had to banish the kids to the toy room.  They put on their feety pajamas and then played by the window with their new legos for awhile and then everything fell apart.  As I tried to calm them down on the stairs, Anderson just started crying that he wanted to put together his new lego rv.  Reagan asked why the lights had to go out.  And Graham started sadly singing "we wish you a Merry Christmas."  It was pretty pitiful as I tried to explain that we would be able to do more things tomorrow and the lights being off was just a minor set back to our wonderful Christmas.  I then promised them that in just a few minutes we would all do something fun.  
  • It only took that long for Robby and I to finished cleaning and even managed to get the downstairs Christmas tree up.  Keaton was so interested in what we were doing and was shocked when we would let her touch the tree without admonishing her-there were no ornaments after all.  We finished that job by flashlight  because soon it was dark outside.  I seriously have never been so happy to get flashlights as a gift this Christmas.  
  • I made sandwiches for supper and then we worked on Graham's marble track for a bit.  Next up was making s'mores on Christmas night.  The kids really enjoyed this and when Robby told them that they were going to get to sleep in the tent they were beyond excited.  As we were finishing with our s'mores, Campbell came to me and said that she had something on her finger.  It was chocolate so I just licked it off.  And as soon as I did that she said "maybe it was poo poo."  I immediately checked her pants and then she said "maybe it was Keaton's poo poo."  It was neither thank goodness.
  • After the s'mores, we worked some more on Graham's marble track and then it was time to teeth brushing and prayers.  Anderson said the sweetest prayer tonight "Happy birthday Jesus and thank you for dying on the cross."
  • As Robby put up the tent, he said he had never put up a tent inside before and much less had never put one up in our closet.  We figured since the closet is a small room and the tent would keep them nice and cozy.  That was so true, after climbing in to calm them down from the boys giggling fit he commented on how warm it was in there.  The next time he went to calm them down, I heard him say "put your pajamas back on."  Seriously, two of my kids (Anderson and Campbell) had taken off their pajamas they were so hot and I am just a few feet away wearing a coat sitting under at least 6 blankets-I lost count as we put on every blanket we could find.  (Don't worry I did save some for the kids but I don't think they will need any more.)
  • Keaton is wearing her feety pajamas and currently sleeping in the school room.  When we go to bed, we are going to move her to our bedroom.  Hopefully she will stay warm enough to stay awake all night.  Otherwise, all 7 of us may end up in the 4 man tent.  If the power doesn't come back on tomorrow, Robby might have to put up our large family tent for us to spend the day in.  
  • I guess this will go down as a white Christmas.  The kids had asked and asked me if it would be a white Christmas and I kept telling them no.  Unfortunately, they haven't been able to enjoy any of it and probably will not tomorrow either-too wet and too cold to play and not be able to come in and warm up.  But either way, they will always remember this Christmas-presents, breakfast, hurrying home from Dana's house, no lights, s'mores and sleeping in a tent-what a wonderful day!