December 26, 2012-Day 2 without Power!

Roughing it!
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  • About the time that we decided to go to sleep, Keaton started coughing and crying so we vicks vapor rubbed her and worked on her nose for a bit.  This meant that she was no longer her sweet self and was mad and ready to stay up so this is when Robby decided that he would join the other 4 in the cozy tent.  
  • They all slept wonderfully in the tent.  Though Robby did say that there were kids everywhere-it did look like a war zone when Keaton and I joined them around 8:30.  They were only beginning to stir so I guess they did sleep well.  
  • Keaton and I were up off and on throughout the night.  She liked to sleep with me holding her so we did that often.  We did wake up once in the middle of the night and then again at 7.  Both times that child pointed to my bedroom door.  I knew that she wanted milk and didn't want to fight it.  So we ventured out of our cozy-ish bedroom to get her milk and look around outside.  
  • This morning when I looked, I was quite surprised that we didn't lose any big trees.  We have lots of branches down and unfortunately this afternoon we could see that a few of our smaller trees will have to be cut down.  Now I was wanting snow but not really the type of ice and snow that messes up my trees and makes my lights go out!
  • The kids don't really seem to notice that my bedroom is the warmest place in the house and they are happy playing with their new toys in the bonus room (48 degrees in there) or in their toy room (54 degrees in there).  They would go off and play and within a few minutes would be back to my bedroom.  The sun was shining in the window and it was pretty nice in there.
  • And it got better around lunch when Robby and Keaton woke up from their nap in the tent.  Robby remembered that he had a camping stove and camping heater and pulled them out.  That heater heated up my bedroom to 70 degrees and the stove warmed up our mac and cheese, chili and hot chocolate for lunch.  
  • We spent a lot of time this morning working on putting together lots of legos-Anderson was thrilled to put together his new lego rv set and I was thrilled that it killed quite a bit of the morning.  This afternoon was spent mostly...well, I really don't know.  We have opened up more presents, played with them, had a few snacks and then finally ventured outside.
  • Not being able to warm up after going outside kind of concerned us but we had planned to sit in the van to warm up if we needed to but with Robby's camping heater it was fine.  I wish that I would have timed how long it took us to get ready and to go outside-gathering clothes, putting on new clothes, putting on coats and those blasted gloves.  At least 45 minutes but probably longer.  When we finally made it outside, I was exhausted!  
  • Graham was the first one to figure out how to make a snowball and he threw them until his gloves were frozen.  We moved sticks including one that got stuck on poor Keaton's wagon which moved her a good 4 feet before we realized it.  The kids threw snowballs, made snow angels and tired themselves out.  Anderson was the one that really tired himself out-he found Robby's snow shovel and went to town on shoveling the sidewalk.  He asked Robby if he could have a dollar for working and soon everyone was working on clearing the sidewalk.  It is nice now that they are so young that they forget about asking again for their money.  Don't worry though, we will pay up.  
  • Before going in, we did walk to the other side of the yard to look at the street.  Cars have been down it but still looks treacherous.  And there is a line down crossing the street coming into our yard.  Robby doesn't think it was a power line but we still didn't continue our walk down the street.  After dragging Campbell that far from the house, she cried the whole way home.  I think it is hard for me to walk in the deep snow but it is probably really hard for her since it comes over her knees in some places.    
  • Back in the house, everyone took of their shoes outside, wet clothes in the mud room (14 gloves and plus 20 socks (some were wearing multiple socks) are still laying in there) and then we hurried to my cozy bedroom to put pajamas back on.  Robby even ventured to take a shower.  Our old hot water heater is electric and the water was still a bit warm.  Even though our new tankless water heater on the other side of the house is gas, it still has to be plugged in to work.  
  • After a few drinks of snow dew (mountain dew and snow) for everyone it was time for supper.  We again had our pb and js-last night of those since I am out of bread unless I can quickly open the freezer to find my frozen sandwiches.  Then we headed to the van to charge our phones and let the kids have their tv fix for the evening.  It is incredible cozy in here-probably could last quite awhile on the full tank of gas we got yesterday.  Only problem is running to and from it since the garage is open and it is chilly.
  • The current plan is that the kids will still sleep in the tent and Keaton will start off in the closet nearest Robby's office.  We have discovered that it is really comfortable in there-the door has been closed and it is an interior room.  Then we will move her when we go to bed.  But like always, I have no doubt that our plans will change.  
  • We have heard two estimates for when we will get our power-7 or 14 days.  No worries though, I just need the roads to clear and Nonna or Grannymom to get their power back so I can do some laundry and drop the kids off to come home and clean.  But Robby did order that generator today-he didn't get one as big as he wanted but said this could be our "starter" one.  He even paid extra for it to be delivered tomorrow.  We doubt that will happen but that would pretty much guarantee that the lights would come back on tomorrow!  
  • I have accomplished nothing from my list today, my house is a mess, all 7 of us have been in one room all day long and are now in van to warm up for a bit-and it has been one of the best days ever!