December 12, 2012

Brother & Sis!
click here for today's pictures)
  • Since this was a day the kids needed to wake up early, they of course were sleeping sound.  Campbell did wake up as I was headed there and started to report to tell everyone that it was 7 (she just knows is should be seven to wake up) and that it was not dark anymore.  
  • Our goal was to leave at 7:45 but it was closer to 7:55 as we both pulled out of the driveway.  I had packed up much of our stuff but kept grabbing things as we left including our church bags for tonight.  Robby took Reagan, Graham and Keaton to Nonna and Pops house for the day and I headed to pick up Grannymom with Anderson and Campbell for their annual trip to the Nutrition Center.  
  • Grannymom stayed with Anderson most of the day and I hung out with Campbell.  There was brain lab for both.  I kept asking Campbell if she was having fun and she would shake her head no at me.  She did really well for not wanting to wear the brain lab hat.  They both had their bone scan and something similar.  Anderson's psych testing was quite a bit longer than Campbell's-his session was broken into two.  He also had possibly a body fat test where he had to wear swim trunks and a swim cap.  He wasn't too pleased about that nor was he pleased about doing it twice!  But overall, they were great and cooperated much longer than a 3 and 6 year old should be made to.  
  • Here is Anderson and Campbell's nutrition center picture from last year (click here).  What a difference a year makes.  Since this was Anderson's last visit, there won't be a picture of the two of them there next year.  Kind of sad.
  • Back at Nonna's house, they had a big day making lots and lots of Christmas cookies.  Graham even ran a few errands with Pops.  When we finally made it back around 3:45 (after about 6 and a half hours at the Nutrition Center), Keaton was taking a nap.  I guess Campbell really missed her because after a few minutes, she just went in and woke Keaton up and dumped her out of the pack n play.  Keaton is very used to this and just crawled on out, handing her cup to Campbell and bringing her shoe down the hall to us.  
  • We stayed at Nonna's house and had a bite of supper before loading up for church.  We left a few minutes early for church-it is nice to be there and not have to rush since I am usually rushing in at the last minute.  Anderson and Reagan's classes had a birthday party for Jesus and still have time to say a few verses.  Graham and Campbell were delighted to see me talking to Cubbie bear and his friends tonight for Ms. Jennifer who was out.  
  • When we did go to pick up Campbell, she was sitting in the hallway-in trouble.  Her teacher said that she colored on everyone's pictures.  When her teacher asked why she did it, Campbell replied "this one for Reagan, this for Keaton...."  Such a cute answer but she still got in trouble!
  • Back at home, everyone had some milk and then it was bedtime for my crew.  Campbell is coughing a bit and when I went to check on her (only 10 minutes after every laid down) only Reagan was still awake.  My crew was tired today!