December 3, 2012

Campbell's new 'color your own playhouse'
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Since we woke up late yesterday morning, we should have expected the same this morning but didn't! Anderson called us a bit after 7:30 and I needed my van loaded by 8:00.  Ha!  That nearly happened but Robby offered to take Graham so I think we all pretty much made it to our destinations on time.
  • Graham went to school and everyone else went to Nonna and Pops house.  They did their phonics, lots of drawings, rode bikes and played tons.  Robby, of course, went to work and a few errands were calling my name.  Oh, yes, I did see my work kid-only 5 more days of working for me (not that I am counting down or anything.)
  • I then picked up Graham and we went to Nonna's house for lunch.  Everyone was playing outside for a bit before lunch and then more playing inside.  Eventually, it was time for us to load up and up and head home.
  • Campbell and Keaton had such a big day that they were pretty much exhausted when we made it home so they were put the bed.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham did school and then had time to play for a bit while I did a few chores.  Speaking of chores-I read a blog about a lady that has "20 Chore Tuesdays."  I thought that was a good idea and thought about doing that-until I realized every day is 20 chore day around here.  
  • The kids were finishing up a movie when I woke up the little girls.  We opened up Campbell's house from Laynie.  Everyone was so excited to color all over it and Campbell tried to her hardest to do a good job.  She would say stop and they would all stop coloring (I had made it clear that this was her house and was to be colored by her in her way and that they could only help!)  And a few minutes later, she would shout "ready, set, color."   
  • They played with this until Robby came home-played peacefully.  I opened up Keaton's legos and she was so happy to hold on to the animals.  But really, Keaton just loved sitting inside of Campbell's house.  Then Reagan worked on her legos.  She was kind and let Anderson help her (a tiny bit).  He just kept saying "I wish I had some of these."  Hopefully, he will get and enjoy legos this Christmas.  
  • Robby brought supper home and we all ate.  Then the kids had plenty more time to play-by this time they had taken the legos upstairs and made an entire city.   They played with this (peacefully) until they were out of peace!  Then back downstairs for more work on Campbell's house. 
  • Soon it was bedtime but first we had to do our Christmas routine-pulling Santa, reading a verse, putting a lightbulb on Snoopy's house and reading another thing.  Seriously, the kids love this-maybe because all of this delays bedtime for quite awhile!