Christmas Ornament Countdown: 18 Days til Christmas

This ornament is from Wind Cave National Park.  After visiting Mammoth Cave when Reagan and Anderson were both babies you would have thought that I would remember that spelunking is not the greatest of activities for babies.  Yes-we didn't remember that and signed ourselves up for a tour.  All the kids were perfect and listened intently before the tour started and then were intrigued by the cave and all that the ranger had to say.  Now my Keaton was happy at first but then she was ready to get out of that cave and started quietly fussing (quietly because I had my hand over her mouth-ever heard a baby scream in a cave? not pretty).  Thankfully, when the ranger told everyone to be quiet and still because she was going to turn off all of the lights (making it pitch black) in the cave, Keaton did well and the others were not too terrified.  It was a fun stop this supper.  Here is a link to that post.