December 22, 2012-Happy Birthday Campbell and Dennie Family Circle Christmas

Cambell's Party!
(click here for pictures from Campbell's birthday)
(click here for pictures from Dennie Family Christmas Circle)
  • Graham was up around 7 this morning and usually I would not be too pleased about that.  But since this was birthday party morning, I was up fairly soon after he joined us.  Well, fairly soon may not be too accurate.
  • Everyone had leftover doughnuts as I put hundreds of M&Ms on Campbell's cake.  The kids stayed nearby because whenever one of candies fell they were fair game.  Nothing better than doughnuts and M&Ms for breakfast.
  • We did a bit of cleaning and before too long it was time for everyone to get ready.  Of course I had to hunt them down-they were outside supervising the hanging of the pinata and the squeegee-ing of the windows.  
  • I finally found everyone for them to get dressed and they watched a movie while waiting on Campbell's party to start.  She kept asking "when is my party going to start?"  Soon Pops and Nonna were here.  I put Pops to work in the kitchen and Nonna was put to work fixing Campbell's hair for the second and third times of the mornings.
  • At noon, everyone started arriving: Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Jason, Nonna, Pops, Les, Shelley, Josh, Zach, Mason and his family, Laynie and her family, Kennedy and her dad, and Aiden and his mom.  Counting our family that is a grand total of 31-pretty big party for the weekend before Christmas.  
  • The first activity was eating-pbj and turkey and cheese sandwiches for the kids, pimento cheese, chicken salad or turkey and cheese croissants for the grown ups, grapes, cheese dip, bbq weenies, hummus and a cheese ball.  Then the kids went outside for a bit of bowling followed by the traditional Dennie pinata.  The little kids even got to grab some candy first and then the big kids all stormed in to get the rest.  
  • Then we went back inside for the kids to decorate Minnie Mouse shaped cookies.  Next up was cake and then presents.  Campbell was very good-thanked everyone as she opened her presents and was pleased with all of her gifts.  The party was a success and by 3 the house was picked up and the kids were all resting (another success).
  • After a short nap for the little two (Campbell and Keaton) and big two (Robby and me), it was time to change clothes and load up for Dennie Family Circle Christmas at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. We had already taken our presents over there but still had a load-including Robby's heater for their garage.  The garage was emptied and the heater was plugged up.  Before too long it was warm out there and we kicked the kids out into the garage.  The enjoyed plenty of room to run around and we enjoyed the door that we could close on them and no longer hear them.
  • We ate supper and then the kids convinced Grannymom that it was then time to open presents.  It took well over an hour for everyone to open their presents and the kids all did really well waiting on their turn.  Even Campbell and Graham sat quietly with their presents in their laps.  I can already tell what the favorite presents are for everyone-Reagan-a note pad and clip board, Anderson-his stomp rocket, Graham-dress up clothes, Campbell-doll house stuff, Keaton-picnic basket, Robby-his hammock and mine was my painting from Dana.  We all racked up though.  Anderson and Reagan noticed that they didn't get many toys this year-growing up!
  • After opening presents, the kids migrated to the garage where we opened up stuff for them to play with and the grown ups had dessert and watched some of the basketball game.  Before too long, it was time to change my crew into their pajamas and us to head home.  
  • They went to bed at 11 last night and it was nearly 9 tonight.  So I think that they were pretty tired-I didn't even hear a peep on the monitor (well, it was in the bedroom).  It was a pretty perfect birthday and Christmas celebration.