December 31, 2012-Happy New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year from the Dennies!
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  • Last night as we were all going to sleep in the bonus room (yes, we do have power but we like it up there) Robby and I hung up a blanket over the window.  It was nighttime dark when we started stirring this morning.  Robby looked at his phone and it was 8:10.  That blanket will soon be hanging up tonight as well (yes, this is "no bedtime" night and we are all crashing up in the bonus room again).
  • We kicked it into pretty high gear.  First we straightened the bonus room (some), put up zillions of things that we have drug out over the past 5 no power nights, Robby worked in the kitchen and I worked with the kids in the toy room.  
  • Sometime this morning, our special child Anderson put all of the blocks down his feetie pajamas and continued to walk around the house while walking on the blocks.  At least he didn't stick them down his underwear!
  • We were no where near done when it was time to get ready.  This rest will just have to be done tomorrow-fridge/freezer restocking, laundry, more picking up, vacuuming, sweeping and the official cleaning of the bonus room.  
  • For lunch, we were meeting Jacqui and her family along with the Hawkin's boys at Chick Fil A.  Apparently, everyone in Bryant were also at the Chick Fil A.  It was crazy, crazy, crazy but the kids still enjoyed playng on the slides.  I actually think that my kids thrive on craziness!  
  • Next up we headed to Grannymom's house.  She had a load of our laundry washed and folded from the power outage.  The kids stayed there for a few minutes while Robby and I ran to Walmart (no cheese balls there) but we did buy lots of cleaning products.  We enjoy buying things to clean with more than we enjoy the actual cleaning part.  Then we went to Sams and found some cookies and the all important activity for tonight-a rice krispie treat train.  I love after Christmas clearance items!!
  • We then picked up the kids and headed home.  With stops on the way at Kroger for my cheese ball (which I have not yet eaten-the kitchen is so far away from this bonus room) and a few more cookies (again Christmas clearance).   Robby bought his New Year's Eve treat-a pizza and then we did head home.
  • Keaton and Campbell fell asleep on the way home and while they were snoozing we tried to pick up a bit more.  I guess it is the weather but we were tired and hungry around 4:30 so we just decided to eat early.  That will sure throw the kids schedule off-hopefully in our favor since this is "no bedtime night."
  • As we were getting ready for supper, Graham called down from the bonus room and said "Daddy, why are we eating in the kitchen?"  Robby tried to explain that most people do eat their meals in the kitchen and he has just forgotten from the last few days.   
  • After we finished our supper (pizza for everyone but me, I had leftover Chinese), we started work on our rice krispie treat train.  The kids were very serious about the decorating of the train tonight.  They actually did better and were more into it than when we did the gingerbread houses.  And this was lots, lots easier. 
  • After we made our train we headed upstairs to start the festivities.  Robby had hung the sign and got out the hats and blowy things.  Also he had brought the little tv upstairs so they could play Anderson's new video game up there (it doesn't work on the big new tv).  
  • First activity was playing with their toys still left up here, then they played with the video game, took customary New Year's Eve pictures, played on the ipad and phones, popping some poppers, eating our rice krispie train, an air hockey championship, shooting off more poppers, enjoying some orange juice, making some resolutions and then pottying, brushing teeth and laying out mats for movie time.
  • It was a big night and soon we were tired-well, the kids don't seem to be tired.  The plan is to watch a few movies and then hopefully everyone will fall asleep.  It is now 9:30 so my guess is we will watch a few episodes of Scooby Doo and then have to put The Sound of Music on for Reagan to fall asleep.  Surely that 3 hour movie will work.  
  • I will update you on the results of this "no bedtime night" in the morning.  Oh and we aren't nuts, the baby did stay up a bit later (8) but then started pointing to the door wanting her milk.  She was tired from tonight-her and Campbell spent most of the evening in the closet up here together.  They pulled pillows in and sat on them while playing with blocks.  It is so funny to watch them interact.  After all of that she was ready for bedtime.