December 20, 2012

Simply a mess :)
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Graham joined us in bed around 3ish and I am sure that the wind had already picked up by then but you hear little in this house and we all slept wonderfully.  Actually, we had no idea about how hard the wind was blowing until we started leaving this morning.  No real limbs down (just the one that the delivery truck knocked down a few days ago) but the fire pit table cover was missing.  Thankfully it had gotten stuck in some trees so it was recovered.
  • Robby dropped Graham off at school this morning and the lights were off in his classroom so they had to go to another class.  That didn't matter though since this was party day and he could hardly contain himself.  
  • I took everyone else to Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  Reagan had spent the night at Kennedy's house.  Campbell didn't really want to go shopping with me because she thought she was going to miss out on some fun.  But once we made it to the store, she was the cutest thing-walking through Target with her puffy coat on.  She talked and talked about everything we saw.  Campbell talked so much that strangers were coming up to talk to us and wish us Merry Christmas.  
  • I had just grabbed a hand held basket to put our stuff in and Campbell did her best to carry it.  After we spent our limit, she said "now, I have to get Anderson some more."  She couldn't wait to get back to Grannymom's house and wrap that present up and to tell Anderson that she bought him a "boy baby doll."
  • I then headed off to see my speech kiddo one last time before hanging up my speech bag for a while.  Then it was time for Graham's Christmas party.  He is always so excited to see me when I walk in.  They were about to have cupcakes and then it was time for a few games.  The last game was pass the bell until the music stops.  When the music stopped you were able to go and get your two goodie bags.  Poor Graham was near the last and he was so disappointed every time that he didn't get the bell.  So funny.
  • What wasn't funny was when they opened up their presents from Ms. Stacy.  It was a book and Graham crossed his arms and said loudly (I thought) "I didn't want a book."  I quickly spoke to him and soon he did tell Ms. Stacy thank you.  After the party, he couldn't wait to get into the car because I told him he could have some of his candy.  He carefully ate it and even saved some for his brother and sister.  Graham even tried to save a few pieces for Reagan but had just finished it off when she returned.  He apologized to her feeling bad but she reminded him that she didn't like M&Ms.
  • Grannymom had pizza and cupcakes for Campbell's birthday celebration today.  Campbell was so excited to blow out a candle.  She has been asking about her birthday since Graham's birthday in July.  Grannymom's lights were out so they spent quite a bit of their day at Rock Creek playing.  And yes, I didn't send Keaton shoes this morning (forgot) and my friends at Rock Creek were worried that Grannymom had left them there.  She covered for me though and took the blame at not having shoes on the baby-hey, she did have on socks!
  • Campbell and I made a quick Sams run before heading home with everyone this afternoon.  The kids mostly headed upstairs to play.  Keaton had a short, very, very short nap.  So I worked quickly as she was waking up-Campbell and I baked two cakes to make her cake, baked quite a few Minnie Mouse cookies, cut and put some others cookies on a plate for the party (so Robby and I wouldn't eat all of them), got the cheese dip and another dish ready and hung the birthday sign.  I decided to work hard today doing everything that I could think of so I could lessen tomorrow and Saturday's birthday party load.   I am about to sort a 5 pound bag of MMs.
  • I had actually done so much party work this afternoon that when a friend stopped by to drop something off, Campbell saw her and shouted "someone is already here."  She thought her party was going to be a in a few minutes.  The kids had all just gotten out of their baths and showers. 
  • Then we had supper and followed it up with my favorite Christmas activity so far-watching Home Alone.  Seriously, we had so much fun watching the kids watch the movie-Campbell was about to bite her fingernails off, Graham kept his head up against Robby and Anderson and Reagan were on the edge of their seats.  A great way to end the evening!